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Why is Soy Protein So Good For Women?

Soy protein is the secret weapon of women against cellulites. It is a part of the daily regimen of women who just want to stay healthy, not to mention look good. In fact, everyone associates it with losing weight, and for a reason. Numerous studies have tied soy proteins to reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases among others. Let’s find out why.

Dietary Fiber

Soy protein is rich in dietary fiber, soluble fiber in particular. We’ve all heard that fiber is healthy, but how does fiber work in the human body? When our diet has high amounts of fiber we readily feel full because it adds bulk to the foods we eat once it reaches the stomach. In the intestine, it slows the breaking down of starch into glucose and its subsequent absorption, washing away a fraction of carbohydrates in our diet, which leads to lower blood sugar levels.

Polyunsaturated Fat

Dietary intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids has been linked to an unending list of benefits. These are a group of lipids connected to the very functions of the body at the cellular level, from providing cells protection against the outside environment to assisting them in their roles such as signaling during the healing process at a local region. In addition, they promote the overall health of the circulatory system by reducing cholesterol levels, including low density lipoproteins, dubbed bad cholesterol. Soy protein is high in polyunsaturated fat.

Complete Protein

Soy protein is complete protein, that is, it contains all nine essential amino acids. Why are they called essential? There are many amino acids produced inside the body, but nine of them are not. Thus, their presence in our daily diet is necessitated to compensate for the body’s inability to produce them. Essential amino acids are factors that control the development of proteins in the body, and deficiency results in dizziness, nervousness, and exhaustion, all symptoms of more serious conditions of a depressed immune system.

Polphenolic Antioxidants

The body deploys free radicals to destroy organisms that interfere with the normal functions of cells. Free radicals in high amounts are toxic to the body, so the body releases a ready group of agents that inactivates needless counts of free radicals. However, if these agents fail to deal with free radicals in time, a process called oxidative stress takes place, destroying cells and DNA. Soy protein contains polyphenolic substances known for their antioxidant activities, helping the body counter the harmful effects of free radicals.

Phytoestrogenic Compounds

Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds in plants that are believed to have health benefits in the human body. Soy protein is good source of phytochemicals, isoflavones in particular. Consumption of isoflavones has diverse effects in human health, but of special note is its purported role in the decrease of recurrence rate of cancers in women. In addition, there is strong evidence that it helps in preventing signs and symptoms related to menopause, including bone loss and hot flashes.

It is confirmed, soy protein is good for women or all ages. If you haven’t started on a soy protein supplement what is stopping you?

Give soy protein a try Risk Free.

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