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The Dangers of Wearing Hoop Earrings and What to Avoid

Hoop earrings are trendy in many countries throughout the world. They are stylish accessories available in various shapes and sizes. When choosing to put on the large size hoops, there are certain safety precautions to consider. Danger to a person’s ears can be caused when wearing big hoop earrings, so there are a few situations that should be avoided when engaging in certain activities.


Wearing the large style hoop earrings with long or medium length hair has the potential to get tangled up tightly in locks of hair. If the hair gets wrapped around too tight, it has the possibility of causing a lot of pain or damage to the earlobe when the head is turned. To prevent this from happening, hair should be worn up and kept safely away from the hoops.


Some articles of clothing can be a safety hazard while wearing hoop earrings. Coats and jackets have the potential to get caught in your earrings. Special attention should be paid when putting these on and also avoid pulling any clothing over the head. In addition to clothing, some accessories such as scarves or purse handles may become hazardous. Scarves can be harmful if caught in the hoop portion of the earring and may cause an injury when pulled away from the ear. Purse handles made with knitted material can easily become snagged when being pulled on or off of the shoulder.

Children & Pets

Babies often grab and pull on things they think are interesting or pretty. Even an infant can unintentionally cause damage to someone’s ear by pulling hard on a hoop earring. Issues may take place when wearing shiny hoops around dogs and cats. Some dogs like to jump on people and should be a safety concern for anyone wearing large earrings. Think of the pain if a paw would get stuck in the hoop of your earring and then the potential damage that could occur when the paw is yanked away. Cats love to swat at things that catch their attention. A cat can snag a shiny hoop end up pulling out the whole earring. Rather than putting on large or sparkly earrings, a secondary choice should be considered when spending time around small children or pets.


Accessorizing with hoops to enhance a personal style is one of the latest trends. However, certain activities may become problematic when wearing the larger hoop styles. For instance, playing in a basketball game while wearing big hoops can end up in a disaster. In addition to the activities you participate in, thought should be given to the places you go too. Crowded places such as night clubs, bars, and concerts should be a cause for concern. In crammed environments like these, your earring can get caught on someone nearby.

Hoop earrings can add fashionable style to a person’s attire, however, knowing when to wear them is essential for safety’s sake. It may be wise to think about wearing smaller hoops or any alternative to the large hoop styles when considering hair, clothing, small children, and other activities.

Joe Habbit is an article contributor for a Fine Jewelry website that sells Earrings and Fine Jewelry blog where the latest jewelry related fashion information is posted.

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