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Evening Shawls: How to Tie an Evening Shawl

Evening shawls are beloved by all fashion-conscious people for several reasons. A prime attraction of pashmina shawls is the elegance they add to your dressing. The elegance of the fabric gives the wearer an aristocratic look and is capable of adding spice to the rest of your clothing.

A shawl, however, even the elegant pashmina, can only be good if the wearer knows how to correctly wear it. For those seeking answers to the question how do I tie a pashmina shawl, here are some suggestions.

One of the easiest ways to wear a pashmina shawl is to use it as a belt. This is also known as the Sarong style and it is as simple as tying the shawl round your waist the way you normally wear a belt. While anybody can wear a pashmina shawl this way, the sarong style is especially ideal for people with smaller hips as the pashmina shawl worn in this way accentuates the hips.

Alternatively, you can wear your pashmina shawl in the full wrap style. You simply wrap the shawl around your shoulders and, to hold it in place, you could tie it in the front. This style of wearing the pashmina shawl is ideal for almost all occasions but is especially ideal for the cold season as the shawl is used in this way to keep you warm.

If you are a fashion-conscious person who is wondering how do I tie a pashmina shawl, you could go for the Hollywood style. Perhaps you have noticed some Hollywood star wearing a multi-colored pashmina shawl. To achieve the Hollywood style of wearing the pashmina shawl, two pashmina shawls, in different colors, are used. The two shawls are then intertwined and draped around the neck.

Another common way of wearing pashmina shawls is what is known as the noose wrap. To wear the shawl in this way, you fold your shawl in half along the length with the folded edge facing you. You then fold the shawl again along the width with the result that you have two ends – one folded and one open.

After this, you place your shawl on your neck and slide the open end through the loop on the folded end. Worn in this way, the pashmina shawl appears like a noose around the neck but it is completely comfortable.

While pashmina shawls are extremely versatile and can be worn in a variety of occasions, there are a number of precautions you need to observe with these accessories so that you do not end up messing what could otherwise have been a great complimentary accessory.

One big mistake for those wondering how do I tie a pashmina shawl would be to wear it with heavy woolen clothing. The pashmina is quite warm on its own and serves as a perfect substitute for coats and other items of clothing meant to keep you warm.

While some shawls and scarves work perfectly as head gear, the pashmina shawl should never be used in this way. Another mistake that you could make in wearing the pashmina shawl would be to let the ends of the shawl fall below the bottom of your coat.

The risk of wearing the pashmina shawl n this way increases immensely especially if you are wearing the shawl as a neck scarf. In addition, the pashmina shawl should never be left to drape over one shoulder.

The way to use a pashmina shawl will vary from one person to another and, with a little creativity, this comfortable clothing accessory ca be put to great uses.

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