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Dark Circles Under Eyes: Causes, Home Remedies and Laser Treatment

Dark under eye circle is one of the most common aesthetic concerns people have especially since it makes a person look tired and old. And with the eyes being front and center, many find it important that they get rid of the problem. Here are five ways on how it can be achieved.

First of all, what really causes dark eye circles?

It is important that you know what is causing this aesthetic dilemma, because it puts you a step closer to the solution.

There are actually two types of dark circles that discolor the periorbital area. These are distinguished to be blue and brown circles. The bluish under eye circles is due to oxygenated blood that is pooled underneath the skin. Since this area is where the skin is the thinnest, the blood that pooled right beneath shows through. It becomes more apparent in the morning after lying horizontally for hours, causing the fluids to accumulate with the veins end up holding more blood causing it to expand. This bluish discoloration worsens with age as the subcutaneous fat is gradually lost.

The brown circles, on the other hand are more common among African Americans and Asians. And this is caused by genetics, chronic eye rubbing and sun exposure.

Other causes for dark eye circles include fatigue, allergies, nasal congestion, pigmentation, emotional stress, smoking, and chronic alcohol use.


There is a range of treatments for dark under eye circles. You can choose from simple home remedies, creams, lifestyle changes to professional aesthetic treatments. Let’s go through each of these one by one.

1. Home Remedies

A cucumber eye mask is one of the common solutions for eye bags and dark under eyes. Cucumbers contain antioxidants and flavonoids, which gets rid of the irritating inflammatory substances that cause these aesthetic problems.

Tea bag eye masks can also help improve the appearance of dark circles because it also reduces puffiness. Tea also contains antioxidants that provide benefits to the skin and any discoloration. The tea bag you are going to use would have to be squeezed out and preferably cool enough to be placed over your eyes. Leave it on for five to ten minutes.

A cold metal spoon on your eyes can help constrict the veins that cause discoloration. It is also a very clever way to tighten the skin around the eyes to give that uplifted look before applying makeup.

Frozen peas can also minimize the appearance of the eye bags and the skin around the eyes appears more rejuvenated. The same goes for sliced cold potatoes, which can also reduce redness, swelling and tiredness.

2. Laser Treatment

A laser treatment for dark under eyes is one of the best courses of action especially if this resurfaces on the skin and destroys pigment cells.

Fillers can also be used to treat puffy and dark under eyes. Experts say that these help cover up the dilated blood vessels underneath or mask any over activity of melanin. The results can last for about 6 months, and can be retouched if you want to maintain the results.

3. Creams

A number of eye creams can also improve the appearance of dark circles. But, you have to carefully choose your products because the wrong ones can only aggravate the situation. ABC news interviewed a dermatologist who recommends creams that contain tints, concealer or a brightener.

Vitamin A creams, particularly those that contain retinoic acid, can serve as a good treatment for dark circles. Use it daily, and not only will it improve color but it also reduces wrinkles or fine lines in the area.

4. Lifestyle changes

Your habits can also help improve the appearance of your under eye circles. Doing frequent all-nighters won’t do anything to help, therefore try to get you enough sleep. Also, anything that causes the skin to become dehydrated, such as drinking alcohol or smoking, can result to the skin around the eyes become sunken. This not only results to discoloration in the area, but it also casts a shadow causing the appearance of dark circles to worsen.

Cutting back on salt can also help in reducing eye puffiness, which can also result in dark eye circles. It is important to drink more water to flush out the swelling and puffiness.

It is also important to wear sunscreen and sunglasses when out in public because the skin on the eye area is vulnerable to UV damage.

Take good care of your eyes because these will be the first telltale signs of aging. Your eyes serve as your Facebook or Twitter update that tells the rest of the world what is going on inside, so make sure it sends out a good message. . After all, only pandas look cute with dark circles around their eyes.

Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is an expert in the medical aesthetics arena specialising in non-surgical facial, body and hair aesthetic procedures.

Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is an expert in the medical aesthetics arena specialising in non-surgical facial, body and hair aesthetic procedures.

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