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Beauty Tips – Self-Protecting Feminine Hygiene

Most women always go the extra mile to over protect and over clean themselves using various commercial products. This however has more of an adverse affect rather than a positive affect.

Advertisements make it seem like all women are in need of various soaps and pads and perfumes and sprays for their private areas. It’s easy to think you need to start using them based on the number of advertisements you see on tv or in magazines for feminine hygiene products; but the female body comes equipped with it’s own natural protection- and you may not need as many feminine hygiene products as you’ve been led to believe. We actually end up harming the body’s self-protecting processes when we use some of these products that are supposed to help feminine hygiene.

The skin over our bodies are what protect us from the harmful things in the world we live in! We need to take care of our skin by keeping it clean and washing away as many germs as possible, but we can over do the washing and cause more harm than good by washing away the natural oils in our skin- the very ingredient that helps protect us. The only area of the body that should require more than a gentle cleansing on a regular basis are the bottoms of our feet- because we really make our feet work hard day after day! We can assist our skin in protecting us by slathering on a sunscreen when spending time outdoors, and wearing appropriate clothing for the weather conditions when outdoors.

A woman’s body has needs that are unique to females. The body, however, is quite well equipped to handle those needs. The female’s private area helps protect her from germs with natural oils that clean out infections. Women need only keep the outer skin of their private area clean to help the body perform it’s natural functioning.

Some women choose to use pantiliners or other pads to absorb the body’s natural moisture. Other than times when spotting may occur from your monthly cycle, you should really avoid these pads as they are actually eliminating the body’s natural defenses against infections. Also, when you use the pads or pantiliners excessively, the body may think something is wrong and respond by increasing the amount of discharge.

The female private area is sensitive and using sprays with deodorant or perfumes can cause more problems than it’s worth- and it doesn’t remove the body’s natural odor anyway. If you find that your natural odor has changed; see your doctor as it may be an indication of infection.

For women who have problems or complications that are out of the ordinary, such as extra sensitive skin, or burning sensations they should visit the doctor for advice before they use any commercially available products. All the products advertised on television or in magazines are not meant for each and every woman. Yes many of the products are useful, but not for everyone, on the other hand many of the products also go the extra mile to eliminate your bodies personal defense.

When in your cycle be sure to dress lightly, and drink a lot of water, this helps the body take over the hygiene process and eliminates any odor.

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