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Aromatherapy Bath Product: Great Blends and Ideas for the Optimal Unwinding Aromatherapy Bath

You could go to a store and buy an aromatherapy bath product, or you could make your own at home. Herbal and aromatic baths are an ancient tradition, simple to make and easy on the wallet. Keep reading to learn more about why herbal baths are good for you, how to draw the best herbal baths and recipes that you can make.

Benefits of Herbal and Aromatic Baths

Herbal baths are detoxifying, aromatic and intensely relaxing, both spiritually and physically. The ceremony of bathing in herbs is a daily rite in many cultures, and a return to the course for both the body and the spirit.

The herbs chosen for an aromatic bath will change the effect of the bath. For example, if the bath is designed to invigorate the mind, one herb or combination of herbs may be chosen, but if the bath is designed to promote sleep, then another herb or combination of herbs may be chosen. This is just as you might pick one type of herbal tea to settle an upset stomach or another to help you relax.

Drawing the Perfect Aromatherapy Bath

Think of brewing an herbal bath like brewing that big cup of herbal tea. In fact, many people simply toss a few herbal tea bags right into the bath water and let the dried herbs do their work. If you’re making your own herbal baths, try wrapping the herb mixture in muslin and tying it off. Then, either drop these in the bath or tie them to the faucet.

If you want to make your own herbal and aromatherapy bath product mixtures, keep reading for some fantastic recipes that you can blend at home.

Invigorating Ginger Blend


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