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6 Easy-to-do Steps on How to Make Hair Grow Longer

Long hair is always in. Since the old times, women made their hair grow long even up to their buttocks. Having long hair makes a woman more feminine. Also, when you have long hair, you will be able to have your hair styled in different ways to create a different look for you. Unfortunately, not all women can make their hair grow long. So if you are looking for ways on how to make hair grow longer that are sure to be effective then read this article.

First step is to avoid rubbing your hair to dry it. Your hair is most susceptible to damage when it is wet and damage can hinder hair growth. So after taking a bath, do not rub your hair with your towel. It will be best if you will let your hair dry on its own. Do not use a hair dryer as frequent use of it will also damage your hair due to heat.

Next step is to stay away from stress and relax. Stress has been found out to affect hair growth. It can make your hair stop growing. So help yourself cope with stressful situations. Also, try to relax even once in a while. Do this by doing the things that you love, going to places you’ve always wanted to go to or simply spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Third step is to avoid styling your hair using harmful chemicals such as those used when straightening the hair. You must also limit your use of hot styling tools and hair spray. All of these will just damage your hair and prevent it from growing long. All of these will also remove your hair’s moisture and the nutrients it needs thus hindering hair growth. If you really want to style your hair, do it manually instead. If you really have to use hot styling tools then use a heat protection for your hair.

Next step is to brush your hair with round boar brush with bristles that are densely packed. This will not just add volume to your hair but will also trigger your scalp to produce the natural oil needed by your hair to become healthier so that it may grow long faster. Brushing your hair will also be helpful in distributing the natural oil all throughout your scalp. But remember not to brush your hair too much as this may cause damage to your hair and make it harder for you to grow it longer. You may have read that you need to brush your hair several times throughout the day so that it will grow longer. Well that is a myth for too much brushing is not good.

So those are the ways on how to make hair grow longer. You must do all of these to ensure that your hair will grow longer. Be patient because on average, one’s hair will only grow half an inch per month. You must also be committed in doing the changes so that you may have those long locks.

Are you looking for more information on how to make hair grow faster? Visit for your hair-growing needs.

Are you looking for more information on how to make hair grow faster? Visit for your hair-growing needs.

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