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The 3 Worst Things to Drink When Trying to Lose Weight

One thing that is often overlooked when trying to lose weight is the amount of calories we consume in our drinks. Food is always the focus and drinks that a packed with sugar and calories can often slip right by our fat fighting radar. Of course these calories count and we must be ever watchful for these sneaky drinks that can totally derail all of our efforts.

One of the worst drinks for anyone trying to lose weight or just trying to be healthy in general are those coffee drinks that are loaded with milk, sugar, and whipped cream. The frappuccinos can really pack a wallop in the calorie department. Some of the large versions can tip the scales at over 300 calories. This is almost an extra meal. Add in the fact that most of the calories come from processed junk like flavored syrups and sugar and it is no wonder these drinks can cause you to have trouble losing weight (or actually cause you to gain weight). Little things like that can really frustrate you and cause you to want to give up altogether.

Another one of the more sneaky sources of calories are bottled juice drinks. These are really bad because a lot of them label themselves as a healthy alternative to things like the aforementioned coffee treats. In reality most bottled juices are absolutely loaded with sugars. Sure a lot of them are full of natural sugars from pure fruit juice but that does not change the fact that it is still sugar. Just check out a label or two on these things and you will see what I mean. A good portion of their high calorie content comes straight from sugars. Also be aware that they like to divide their serving size in two. So that one bottle of juice is trying to claim it is two servings in order to make the calorie numbers seem a little more normal. Do not let this fool you. Avoid drinking too many bottled juices.

Good old fashioned milk can actually be a source of frustration when trying to lose weight as well. Now do not get me wrong I love milk and think it has many health benefits. Furthermore if you are trying to put on lean muscle mass the high protein content in milk is a top choice for a natural supplement. But one thing to be aware of is the fact that milk actually has naturally occurring sugar in it. I know it sounds shocking but just take a look at the label. Search around and you can actually find some milk that has had some of the sugar removed. This is marketed as low carb milk and is actually pretty good. Barring a low carb milk you can still drink skim milk and lose weight but be sure to keep it in moderation and be aware of how many calories you are consuming.

While none of these drinks will totally knock you off track if taken in moderation you just cannot go wrong with water. I am a big proponent of not drinking your calories (except on a cheat day) and water is the best way to go when trying to lose weight. Give water a shot and you might be surprised at the results. author Beth Reid gives honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs to burn fat and lose weight. Visit where she shares the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.

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