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Fishing Out the Best Pool Builder For Your Pool Project

Once you have concluded to construct your swimming pool after subjecting yourself to several researches and studies about pools, you must now contend yourself of finding the best qualified pool builder in town. This is not a walk in the park activity because your decision now would cause you nightmares tomorrow upon signing the construction contract with your builder. The following tips will help you how to find the qualified contractor to build your swimming pool.

1. Locate some pool contractors and take a close review of their websites. Surf the Internet and you can see several big swimming pool contractors complete with information you may want to help you out in your evaluation and invitation to bid for them. Study the best designs that you are choosing from and decide with finality the one that suits your wants. Make a list of the pool contractors that you have initially selected and send invitation to bid to them.

2. Be sure that the contractors that you have selected maintain a CSP (Certified Service Professional) staff under their employ who undergone training under the National Spa & Pool Institute that conducts tests and retests on pool service technicians before they are certified as service professionals by the said office.

3. During your prequalification stage for pool contractors, be sure to require them to submit a list of customers which you could counter check and talk to about the performance of the said pool contractor on the project they handled.

4. Make your bidding competitive and open to all interested bidders. If a bidder is making a discount, instruct him to put it in their bid. Every offer or quote must be in writing. Do not rush your decision in choosing the best bidder. Study the bids carefully before making the final decision.

5. When you have made the final choice of three bidders, visit them in their offices to make a personal feel about their people whom you would be working with once you make an award of the project to them. Talk to them and get a good vibration of your feeling on them.

6. Visit again the company office of the bidder whom you have finally decided to award the project. Read all available materials about the company and do not rush signing the contract until you are definite about your decision on the deal.

7. Before signing the contract, recheck the contractor’s license of the pool contractor with the Registrar of Contractors. Seek out some information if there were complaints filed against the pool contractor with the agency. You may also check other government offices where the pool contractor is under regulation like the Better Business Bureau and if possible require your pool contractor to secure a certificate of satisfactory record with the BBB.

8. Do not deal with pool contractors who require substantial down payments or frontload billing methods. All provisions regarding mode of payment must be clearly indicated on the construction agreement. For reference visit the website of Registrar of Contractors that provide some standards of payment as your guide.

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