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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Does It Really Work?

There are many Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews around the web. I hope this short article will dispel many of the myths regarding this diet and will give a clear view of what it actually is.

So what is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, actually?

Fat loss 4 idiots diet is a diet which consists of lots of nutrients consisting of 4 meals a day based on an 11 day cycle. It works by actually shifting calories constantly which produces a high metabolic rate while a person is on this diet. When a person goes on a diet, their metabolism is consistently slowing down and their sustained weight loss is extremely difficult to achieve. Fat loss 4 idiot diet shifts your calories and solves this problem immediately acting as a disguise to your metabolism tricking it to think your not actually dieting. The great part about the idiots diet is the ability to lose weight on an 11 day cycle followed by 3 days where you can eat anything you want! Let’s first talk about what you need to eat. When you buy the idiot proof diets ebook you get a menu software program. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen and is so easy to use. Basically, you take your favorite foods and plug them into this software. In about 30 seconds it spits out a 4 meal a day diet which will guarantee you lose weight. You need to follow this 4 meal a day diet closely in order for it to work effectively. If you work hard and dieting for idiots will allow you to take 3 days off to eat whatever your heart desires. Whether that be ice cream, steak, pizza, cookies, etc… you get rewarded after following it 11 days. Please make sure you actually take your 3 days off and eat! Most people skip this step and find themselves struggling to maintain this diet.

Not everyone loses the same amount of weight every 11 day cycle on the fat loss 4 idiots program. Some people may lose 5-6 lbs, while others may lose 7-10 lbs or more the first cycle on this diet. Over 97% of all people that bought this diet are satisfied. There are many fat loss 4 idiots reviews but the best thing you should do is read real customer testimonials on this dieting for idiots program. It will give you a clearer picture and help you believe in this program. It has truly changed my life and I can’t thank it enough. I use to weight 300 pounds and now I am down to 220 in 5 months. I could have been down lower but I chose 220 as my target weight loss goal. I feel comfortable at 220 pounds especially since I am 6’5. I have learned and found a new respect on the diet for idiots and if you try it out it could change your life also just like it did mine. In whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck and I hope your achieve your future weight loss goals.

Janet Sommers is an expert in analyzing and reviewing various diet plans. She has been involved in reviewing weight reduction plans, diet programs, and exercise plans for over 20 years. Learn about her Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review at

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