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Do Not Read This if You do Not Want Reduce Thigh Fat as Suzanne Did

Suzanne is a young woman who has suffered from her overweight, especially from her fat thighs. Just as the majority of women suffering from fat thighs she experimented with a lot of diets and products in order to reduce thigh fat. Unfortunately none of them turned out to be a success. One day, however, she decided to get more information about her problem. After a thorough research she recognized why she has repeatedly failed to reach her goal. By reading this article you will find out more about Suzanne’s way towards lean and well-formed thighs.

Where did Suzanne go wrong? Suzanne did not know the important basics of how to reduce thigh fat! She fell into the same trap as many other people before her. She experimented with some miracle cures and Hollywood-diets. After several unsuccessful attempts, however, she became aware of the following basic facts: You have to lower your body’s overall fat percentage before you will be able to reduce thigh fat. Once you know about this significant fact, you will be able to understand why most people fail just as Suzanne did.

Once Suzanne had understood the importance of her body’s overall fat percentage, she did more research on her metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is the key factor in the process of losing fat. An increased metabolic rate helps you to automatically burn fat. As soon as Suzanne was aware of the meaning of her metabolic rate she tried to stimulate her metabolic rate as often as possible. Let us take a look at how she managed to do that.

Suzanne tried to get an overview of the various exercises. Due to the fact that she was quite an outdoor person she decided to do Power Walking. She started with 3 workouts per week and gradually increased the number of workouts to 5. The length of her workouts was 30 to 40 minutes. Suzanne did a great job. Firstly, it is important to pick an exercise you like. This will keep you motivated. Here are some examples: Power Walking, Incline Walking, Swimming, Rollerblading, Jogging, using the Climbing Machine or doing Circuit Training with weights. Furthermore it is recommendable to perform several shorter workouts a week. Workouts of 30 to 40 minutes are enough to stimulate your metabolic rate. Suzanne also optimized her eating habits.

She ate 5 smaller portions instead of her usual 3 portions per day. She also avoided sugary and fat food such as crackers, candies, baked goods, cookies, snack foods, fried foods and salad dressings. Changing your eating habits towards 5 smaller portions per day is an important factor when it comes to reducing thigh fat. Every time you ingest food to your body, your metabolic rate is slightly boosted. Finally Suzanne reduced all sugary drinks like lemonade to a minimum and drank a lot of water.

Let us resume the main points which have helped Suzanne to lose 24 pounds and to get lean and well-formed thighs. At first she learned about the necessity to lower her body’s overall fat percentage in order to reduce thigh fat and the importance of her metabolic rate. After that she began to perform her favorite exercise several times a week and optimized her eating habits. On top of the strategies Suzanne applied, there are further in-depth details, especially regarding nutrition and diet. But with the knowledge gained from Suzanne’s story you should be able to reduce thigh fat as well.

Oliver Hetzel is an enthusiast in fitness and nutrition. His articles and unbiased recommendations have helped many people to lose weight naturally and permanently. He provides a popular Weight Loss Review.

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