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Choosing the Best Citrus Juicers For Your Kitchen

Citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruits are popular for many reasons. On one hand, these are delicious fruits offering a wide variety of delightful flavors that can be savored fresh, juiced and cooked. Of course, we recommend juicing as it extracts all the beneficial nutrients from the citrus fruit as well as it can be included in many dishes.

On the other hand, citrus fruits provide for plenty of vitamins and minerals that are good for our health. You will be enjoying the benefits of Vitamin C, calcium, niacin, thiamine and potassium, among other nutrients, with each drop of citrus fruit juice.

You must purchase a citrus juicer for your kitchen and choose well. You need not worry about the costs of buying a juicer for each type of fruit as citrus juicers operate on the principle of one-juicer-fits-all. Here then are the tips for choosing the most appropriate citrus juicer for your needs.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Buy a high-end juicer if you intend to drink citrus juice every day. This way, you can get the most value out of the juicer while also getting the most nutrients out of the citrus fruit. Again, don’t worry too much about being on an orange juice daily diet since you can use the citrus juicer on other similar fruits like mandarins, grapefruits and tangerines.

But if you are only an occasional drinker of citrus juices, then a simpler model will suffice for the purpose. Just remember that many of the affordable models may not hold up to years of even the most infrequent of use due to inferior materials, design and construction.

Consider the Efficiency and Speed

You have to balance the need for speed and efficiency. You may want a faster extraction process even when not all of the juice and pulp from the citrus juice are extracted. You may want a more efficient extraction process even when it is slower. Then again, you can find citrus juicers that can combine the values of speed and efficiency in the extraction process. Read reviews with these two values in mind.

Consider the Features

Just because a citrus juicer performs a relatively simple extraction process does not necessarily mean that it must only have the most basic features. Look for the following features in a citrus juicer:

• The container must allow for seeing the level of the juice already extracted in the jug

• The power cord must be of sufficient length to allow for greater flexibility in the place where juicing can be done. The cord, however, must have a storage area for it to be kept safely away while not in use.

• The pulp regulator allows for better control over the amount of the citrus pulp that ends up in the juice.

You will want, however, lesser parts to clean in a citrus juicer. The product is even better if it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Naturally, once you have chosen the best citrus juicer, you must actually use it. Don’t let its benefits and the benefits of juicing pass you by in favor of making the juicer an ornament on your kitchen counter.

Felicia Jenkins is a writer for, the #1 retailer for citrus and wheatgrass juicer supplies, food processor accessories and everything else you need to get your juice on.

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