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Can A Diet Or Specific Food List Help Relief Rheumatoid Arthritis?

There is a discussion going on for years now, doctors against patients, scientist against believers in alternative health and so on. Because it is never been scientifically proven that a diet or a list of foods that you should or should not eat can help against rheumatoid arthritis, doctors will almost never advise this. But many patients belief that there are certain known foods that help with there rheumatoid arthritis. So who should you belief?

There are many kinds of illnesses where a diet can help. Diets seem to be part of a healthy life, you need proper nourishment before you can function. For the many years this discussion is going on there is in fact no prove for either of the sides. It can’t be proved and it can’t be denied.

There has been done research that suggest that oranges, fish oils and green tea are some of the foods that can help with this disease but it hasn’t been proven, yet. You can also eliminate all kinds of foods that might worsen it in your body, but you need to be aware that this can result in an unbalanced diet. It is better to remove specific foods that you have experienced to be a trigger for your pain than eradicating everything that is under that same type of food.

A diet or food that help with your rheumatoid arthritis can probably give you relief but it is no cure, but the regular medical treatments for it is also almost never a cure, so the best thing you can do in our opinion is to try it for yourself, if you can reduce the amount of pain killers it is already worth the trouble. When you look for this kind of alternative treatment online you will find out that there are lists available with foods that could be helpful or should be avoided, just try one tip at a time for a couple of weeks, if it works keep it, if it doesn’t put it aside.

In general, most lists recommend more fresh fruits and vegetables, increasing your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) and a reduction of coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and fried foods. And whatever it does for your rheumatoid arthritis this advise can’t do any harm. You probably will lose some weight and this is also a good thing to relief the pain from this disease. There are many studies that have shown that even a small amount of extra weight can have a dramatic effect on it.

We now know that a diet or a list of foods will not cure you from rheumatoid arthritis but it is also clear that it can help you to live a healthier life and that is always a first step to a better condition. And when you do experience less pain and less stiffness in your joints take note of your diet and try it again and again and share it with others online.

Jonathan Mitchell knows from personal experience what it means to wake up with pain. Telling the world about arthritis and the things you can’t and can do with it is the reason his blog exists where he talks about subjects ranging from foods that help with rheumatoid arthritis to rheumatoid arthritis food allergies new findings and everything in between.

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