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Calm the Tensed Nerves With Meditation

Calm The Tensed Nerves With Meditation

There are thousands of people who do suffer from tensed nerves. You would see them pacing up and down the floors all the time, especially when they have to do presentations or meet important people. Even those who are already used to stressful situations still get butterflies in the stomach.

Getting very nervous or tensed is thus perfectly normal. It becomes a detriment only when it prevents you from doing certain things and when it drags your confidence level down. Worse, it becomes a trigger for getting depressed or anxious over something.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to say good-bye to tensed nerves. You can begin by doing meditation.

How Meditation Can Help

Relax: Guided Meditations to Ease Stress & Anxiety

There are a lot of ways on how meditation can assist you when you need to relax. For one, doing it takes you away from the pressure. At the very least, you can breathe and start to relax yourself in the process.

Speaking of breathing, this is actually one of the essential aspects of meditation. Breathing also carries a lot of benefits. For one, the slow deep breaths also help you to slow down, and before you know it, the oxygen that you inhale and exhale expands your lungs and calms down the shoulders, which usually feel a lot of tension.

It also diverts your attention from the things that may be causing you a lot of tension or stress. This is because in meditation you will be compelled to focus on your breathing. You have to feel certain parts of your body such as your lungs and diaphragm expand and contract as you take in and expel air. By doing so, you become more aware of the present moment.

Using Subliminal Messages with Meditation

Success Is Mine - Subliminal Affirmations To Be Successful

You can also combine meditation with subliminal messages to further improve the benefits you’re going to get out of it. What are subliminal messages? These are loosely defined as hidden messages. They are usually stored in the subconscious, so you never get to realize their presence in your mind because you make use of your conscious mind. However, if you can learn to tap on your unconscious mind, they can become very powerful. They can change your thought patterns.

To understand how subliminal messages work, consider the following example. Let’s say you are not too confident over your ability to succeed in your marketing sales presentation. You can place subliminal messages in your mind using the following affirmations:

I can do this.

I can definitely succeed in my presentation.

I can impress my supervisors and managers.

Repeat these many times so they can definitely get into your subconscious while you’re meditating. You will suddenly realize that your mind changes its so-called perspective, and you will feel more empowered and motivated to do your best and succeed on the tasks at hand. Confidence will also help untangle the nerves you may be feeling.

To get the best results, it’s recommended you meditate at least a few hours before any presentation or meet-up.

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