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9 Myths About People With Eating Disorders

1. Myth: – Only females, especially teenage girls, have eating disorders.

Eating disorders begin during teenage years and as such are more common amongst teenage girls. However, they do occur in males also, and can occur at any time in a boy or man’s life.

2. Myth: – A person can not suffer from more than one eating disorder at any given time.

This is completely untrue. It is common for a person to suffer from more than one eating disorder at the same time.

3. Myth: – Excessive eating or bingeing is not considered a real eating disorder.

Excessive eating or bingeing is very much considered an eating disorder. It is considered a serious condition, on par with bulimia or even anorexia. In most cases a person will become an excessive eater when he or she is having personal problems and is trying to cope or in some cases block out their feelings.

4. Myth: – Males who tend to suffer from eating disorders are usually gay.

That simply has nothing to do with whether a man gets or has an eating disorder.

5. Myth: – Only underweight or overweight people suffer from eating disorders.

Eating disorders are in reference to behaviour, like ones obsession to be thin or possibly an emotional problem. It simply isn’t possible to tell, just by looking at a person’s weight, size or body shape, whether he or she has an eating disorder.

5. Myth: – Bulimic people get rid of their food by vomiting.

That simply isn’t true. Many people who are bulimic take laxatives; some fast and some may exercise to burn away their calories.

6. Myth: – By following a strict diet coupled with the necessary dedication, a person can remain thin.

One thing most people must bare in mind is that being fat is more a hereditary issue and in many cases is not caused by a person’s lifestyle, therefore making it virtually impossible for them to be as thin as they wish regardless of their commitment. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, some people can maintain or achieve a nice shapely form, but for most people out there, however they try, maintaining that perfect figure can prove to be a near impossible feat.

7. Myth: – Eating disorders are not all life threatening.

All eating disorders are potentially fatal if not treated in time or properly as they harm the entire body, especially the bones and heart as the body will not receive the optimal amount of calcium and vitamins it requires for proper functionality. People, who die from Bulimia, often die from cardiac arrests and ruptured esophagus. The cardiac arrest is caused by the electrolytes going out of balance and potassium levels being dangerously low along with a ruptured esophagus due primarily to excessive vomiting. Death can also be a result of using laxatives to purge food and also extreme exercising.

8. Myth: – Eating disorders are a sickness exclusive to the mentally ill.

It is not a mental disorder. It’s simply an obsession in some people to maintain their ideal body size/shape especially if they’re a dancer or gymnast as its imperative they maintain an attractive well toned body.

9. Myth: – Recovering completely from an eating disorder is not possible.

With the right treatment, with the support of family and friends coupled with the necessary hard work on the person’s part, complete recovery is a definite possibility. It can prove to take a long time, but a time well worth taking when the right result is achieved.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of Free Affiliate Programs For more information and resource links on eating disorders visitor: People With Eating Disorders

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