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Top Five Reasons to Use a Tan App to Monitor Your Tan

A tan app can help you do many things when trying to get the perfect tan and avoid injuries. Much like there are applications for just about everything that you can think of these days that help you more easily achieve your goals, such is also the truth for a tanning app. With such a helpful smartphone and tablet application, you can more easily reach your tanning goals while avoiding injuries and enjoying some helpful bits of information along the way.

Reason #1: Avoid Tanning Injuries

The leading reason to use a tanning app is to avoid injuries. For example, indoor tanning using a tanning bed results in thousands of injuries each and every year. These are generally from tanners forgetting to stop tanning after a certain point. But with the helpful timer that you will have in a tan app, you can never forget again and avoid getting burned. This same timer works for outdoor tanning, too.

Reason #2: Monitor Progress of Your Tan

Over tanning can lead to overly dark skin that you are not so fond of. Thankfully, the best tan app has a progress monitor. All you do is set the tan type (indoor, outdoor or spray-on) and take a before picture and an after picture of each tan. You also set your target skin tone. The tan app will track your tan and alert you when you’ve reached your target tone. Furthermore, you can see how many shades you gained each day, week or month.

Reason #3: Find Tanning Salons Near You

With more than 22,000 tanning salons located in the U.S., which one is the closest to you? With a tan app, you can more easily find them. It will tell you instantly where the closest ones with the best deals are, and will also provide GPS directions to them for your convenience.

Reason #4: Learn Helpful Tanning Tips

The more tanning tips that you can the better that you can safely tan and reach your target goal. The best tan app offers a daily tip. This can help you reach your goal more expeditiously while avoiding tanning injuries in the process.

Reason #5: Get Deals on Products and Services

Lastly, with a tan app you can enjoy signature offers on deals and products. Why overpay to tan when you can save money? All the more reasons to consider adding a tan app to your iPhone or iPad today, so you can enjoy signature offers and save money on tanning; something that average tanner spends an estimated $1,000 per year on.

What to Expect with a Tan App

These are just a few of the great features and functions that you can expect with a tan app. When searching for tan apps online, you have plenty of choices for the iPhone. Many apps cost money and are not free, however. So take your time and look around. You can often find tan apps that offer the aforementioned features free of charge. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

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