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Auckland’s Finest Tourism Attractions

The city of Auckland, the capital of New Zealand lies on a volcanic belt. But there is no fear of volcanic eruptions as the volcanoes are now extinct. A few volcanoes however are dormant though. The topography of Auckland comprises more than fifty volcanoes in the form of depressions, islands, lagoons, lakes, cones etc.

Auckland is flanked on two sides by two harbors – the Manukau Harbor and the Waite Mata Harbor. The main city lies on an isthmus and is also wrapped around this geographical feature.

A pleasant weather coupled with a mild winter and a little snowfall makes Auckland a nice place to visit throughout the year. It is Auckland’s unusual geographical topography that contributes to the city’s distinctive charm.

The fair skinned Tuherus were the first inhabitants of Auckland, as recorded in the annals of history. Ngati Whatua iwi conquered the city and its adjoining regions in the mid 18th century. Explorers from Europe in 1820 chanced upon its shores while exploring the Hauraki Gulf surrounding Auckland.

The unusual scenic beauty of the volcanic craggy landscape led to the establishment of the first European village here. The birth of the modern city of Auckland can be attributed to the signing of the TREATY OF WAITANGI, 1840 by the local Maori chiefs beside Karaka bay.

A multiracial and multicultural social community is the other high point of this city. Its multicultural roots can be traced back to the settlement of inhabitants from different regions and ethnicities like the Pacific, Africa, Asia and Europe. The largest Polynesian population of the world resides in Auckland.

The largest urban area of New Zealand – Auckland is situated in the north island. The traditional name of the city is TAMAKI MAKAU RAU. It is a fast developing city blessed by the bounty of nature. If you visit Auckland, you will be overwhelmed with surprises at every corner.

It boasts of a rare and queer natural beauty that is peerless and unmatched by the scenic locales of any other city in the world. Its volcanic topography lends it a quaint charm and contributes to its different appeal. You can be assured that you have never seen a city as exotic as this.

The splendor of Auckland is a result of tradition juxtaposed against modernity where colossal museums rub shoulders with nightclubs/discotheques and magnificent gardens.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to recreational activities like shopping, dining, clubbing, partying, dancing and sight seeing. Some of the top attractions for sight seeing include STARDOME OBSERVATORY, SKY TOWER, NORTH HEAD, MOTAT, LION BREWERIES, KELLY TARLTON’S UNDERWATER WORLD AND ANTARCTIC ENCOUNTER, AUCKLAND ZOO, TAMAKI PAENGA HIRA better known as AUCKLAND MUSEUM, AUCKLAND BOTANICAL GARDENS, and TOI O TAMAKI or Auckland art gallery.

Auckland’s main attraction lies not only in these, but in the visual splendor offered by the azure sea blending into the distant horizon, beautiful vine yards, and lush green meadows along with aquatic delights.

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