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How to Find the Perfect Football Boots

The first rule to remember, when buying the perfect football boot, is to allow enough time for your selection. This purchase is not something you can walk in, choose what you want, pay for it, and walk out. There are so many brands from which to choose as well as the different boots that can be chosen according to the surface you will use them on. You also need to take into consideration your age. The next rule, after you have decided to allow sufficient time for your selection, is to make certain they are the best for your feet. It is a fact that manufacturers are constantly designing new football boots that will offer you the most in your game. Sometimes these are the best choice to purchase; other times they are not.

When you look at the football boots you will see that the number of studs varies from 12 to 16. You can screw the studs into the sole of the boot. The larger number of studs you use will offer your foot the most support. For example, if you choose to use 12 studs then you will most likely not receive as much support, for your foot, as you would if you chose to use 16 studs. When selecting the studs you will learn that the longer studs are better for use in wet, muddy conditions on the ground. If you consistently play on a harder surface, which is dry, then the shorter stud is your best choice.

If you are looking at hard ground boots you will find that these have fixed studs. The sole offers smaller and flatter studs. They are made of rubber. This provides you with a stronger grip when playing on a hard surface or on astro surfaces. These will help to support your feet. The firm ground boot offers short studs. The firm ground boot is fixed. It is offered with a varied number of studs. This selection can provide a strong grip if the surface is not soft enough for the longer studs.

You should look at a soft ground boot when playing on grass or softer surfaces. The studs can be replaced or removed in these boots. This is a great solution for people playing around on various type services. Since you are able to change the number of studs this will allow you to buy just one pair which can meet the needs of different surfaces.

If you play as a professional you will probably spend more money on a boot. You will find that there are a variety of innovative designs that also offer different technologies. These boots give your foot and ankle support from the shoe. It also allows you better control over the ball.

People should be aware, before purchasing a football boot, that the screw in studs have been banned in a number of Australian rules football leagues. This took effect in the 1990’s. It was discovered that players received severe injuries as a result of coming in contact with the metal.

Today manufacturers of the perfect football boot have a number of factors to consider in order to offer an outstanding product. It has been discovered that a boot may look beautiful although perform in a dismal manner. One of the important factors will be the retail price of the boot. It must be competitive but it also needs to have a profit-margin. Usually the material is what contributes the most to the overall cost. Animal leathers and synthetic products offer a contrast in prices based on the availability of the animal’s skin. The manufacturer must also consider the flexibility and the texture of the upper shoe.

Surprisingly, as of late, color has also played a role for manufacturers. Once we had a pretty basic black boot along with a white logo. This is no longer the case. Now colors can be chosen to blend with the uniform. Others support the colors of their country.

Manufacturers have learned that many boots have a life span of about five years. And, with the passing of time, the manufacturers continue to offer new varieties, styles, colors, textures, and so forth. Most likely this will continue into the immediate future. Fortunately, manufacturers are realizing the importance of the boot. In previous times choosing the right soccer ball or selecting the best uniforms for the team played major roles. Although this continues today selecting the right football boot is now more important and should be at the top of the list.

No matter the age of the player it is imperative that his/her football boot has a perfect fit and is selected according to the surface s/he will be playing on. It is also important to choose a football boot that will allow for the player to input studs which will greatly assist in his/her performance.

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