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Don’t be Driven Crazy This Christmas – Drive Yourself Wild!

Though Christmas is widely considered to be a ‘holiday’, very few of us would probably associate it with being a stress-free time of year. With all that shopping in the crowded high streets and all that family entertaining, not to mention the pressure of cooking the most anticipated meal of the year on time; it comes as no surprise that so many people will happily pack the car and drive away until it’s all over.

For those who find themselves needing to let off a bit of steam after Christmas, or for anyone who simply prefers life in the fast lane, then why not treat yourselves to some extraordinary driving experience days as Christmas gifts this year?

Christmas Gifts for the Formula One Fan

If you or your loved one has ever dreamed of giving Lewis Hamilton a run for his money, then why not treat yourselves to the ultimate ‘Racing Car Driving Experience’, and climb into the driving seat of a car that can do 0-60 in less than 6 seconds. These Christmas gifts offer a complete racing experience from the chequered flag to the sounds and smells of burning rubber with your crowd of spectators cheering you on, it won’t be hard to imagine yourselves out-lapping Michael Schumacher at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Christmas Gifts for the Off-Road Racer

Whether it’s the big cars, the bumpy ride or even just the fact that you get to ride around in lots of mud, off-road driving has a certain appeal. These Christmas gifts are definitely suited to those who place skill above speed and who would relish the challenge of navigating around a busy obstacle course. Simply wrap the gift pack tin up and place it under the tree with the other Christmas gifts and you’re sure to surprise with this heart pounding present.

Christmas Gifts for the Speed Demon

Santa must move at the speed of light if he’s to get around the whole world in just one night, but why should he have all the fun? For those who have ever wondered what it might feel like to break the speed limits in car that really shines, then why not treat them to a Ferrari Challenge or a Lamborghini thrill this Christmas? These Christmas gifts allow you to live like a millionaire for the day in cars worth more than £100,000.

Christmas Gifts for the younger drivers

You don’t need to have a driver’s license to take part in all the fun as there are a number of adventure days that cater to the car-mad younger members of the family too. With these Christmas gifts they can take some friends along for a Quad Biking experience, or relish their first time behind a car wheel with Junior Rally Driving. With a qualified instructor by their side, they can cut the corners and skid around a circuit designed to give them a thrill.

Christmas Gifts with a Classic Car

For the ultimate in unique Christmas gifts, why not surprise your loved one this year with a day out in a Gourmet classic Car? You will have the freedom of the road to escape those post Christmas blues in an Alfa Spider sports car or a 1974 Jensen Interceptor the car of choice for celebrities in its day. With the freedom to roam the countryside by yourselves, these Christmas gifts are a great way to spend a bit of quality time with your loved one in a car that will really turn heads.

Behind the Wheel of something a bit Different

Perhaps you know someone who drives for a living, or perhaps you’ve always wondered what it might be like to drive a different sort of vehicle well this could be your chance to give something a little different this year. With a choice of extraordinary Christmas gifts, you could present someone with a an adventure in a JCB, Tank, Harley Davison or for those real Cliff Richard fans out there, see what all the fuss was about in a Double Decker Bus. These unusual Christmas gifts will make you the star of wonder this year and present someone with the chance to fulfil their driving fantasies.

Making a Splash

If driving on the roads has lost its appeal, then a Powerboat Zapcat Blast might be just the thing. You’re loved ones will race across the water at phenomenal speeds and with an expert behind the wheel; all they need to do is sit back and cling on. These Christmas gifts are ideal for those members of the family who know a thing or two about having a good time.

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