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Get Rid of Bad Dreams Through Meditation

Interestingly, Bad Dreams Don’t Just Happen Randomly. One Of The Powerful Sources Of Them Is Your Level Of Stress.

Nightmares—who really wants them in the middle of the night? For others they are just dreams. However there are also people who cannot easily distinguish their bad dreams from realities, especially if they hit close to home. Thus, they wake up in the morning, feeling very apprehensive and distressed. Some of them may even suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and never be able to get back to bed.

You really don’t want to have bad dreams, but there are times when they can occur—frequently. So you ask to wonder, is there a way for you to kick out those nightmares without really using any kind of medication? The answer is there is. You can begin through meditation.

How Meditation Can Help You

Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation and Sleep

Interestingly, bad dreams don’t just happen randomly. One of the powerful sources of them is your level of stress. This is also the reason why nightmares may sometimes feel so real. For instance, if you’re currently bothered about your unpaid mortgage, you may dream about your home getting seized by authorities. If you’re worried about failing in school, you may just dream about it one of these nights.

This is the subconscious playing out in your mind. Because this part of the mind is something you have no control over, you also cannot regulate how your dream is going to be played out. You can use meditation to help you change your thinking patterns.

Meditation can also relieve you of the stress you’re feeling, especially before going to bed. The breathing exercises will calm your tensed muscles and nerves, making you relaxed. It brings down your heart rate and blood pressure low.

It can also help clear your mind. This is important since as you can see your present issues can definitely manifest. By being in the present moment and concentrating on your breathing, you eliminate the chances of thinking about the things that make you worry.

Another reason for having bad dreams is probably your low levels of dopamine. You can usually correct the process by taking more of vitamin B. On the other hand, meditation boosts your level of serotonin, which is linked to better sleep and happier mood and behavior.

How to Do Meditation

"Various Wonders" Meditation Music for Relaxation, Sleep, Dreams & Visualization

Since your concern is having bad dreams, ensure that you can do meditation at least 30 minutes before you take your sleep. You can sit on the bed or on the floor—anywhere you’re comfortable. See to it that your surrounding is quiet.

Then with your eyes half closed, start taking deep and slow breaths. Feel the vibrations as the air goes in and out of your body. This is how you can clear your mind from the clutter. In the background, you can play CDs and mp3s with subliminal messages. These subliminal messages are affirmations of what you can do to combat your bad dreams:

• I sleep well tonight.

• Tomorrow I will feel vibrant and happy.

• There are no more bad dreams.

• I will have pleasant dreams.

Through repetition of these subliminal messages, you will be able to change your subconscious’s thinking pattern.

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