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Beam Me Up Scotty

Each moment of our life is a gift. The very fact that we are breathing in and out means we deserve to be here. It means that whatever we want to create in our lives is there for the creating. It means that you are a child of the universe, a divine child of the manifestation of source energy and it means that your body is the interface device with which you experience this reality.

You are spiritual and are experiencing a physical reality. There is no argument for this. The limitations you have placed upon yourself start in your early childhood and are imprinted on the sub-conscious self that is much bigger than the active self. Your subconscious self, much like the unseen part of an iceberg is that part of you that is in continuous contact with your source energy.

That part of you does not judge good or bad, however it does provide you with automated responses based upon your beliefs that have been reinforced over and over again by your experiences. It has recorded all your preferences and will deliver them up to you much like the device on Star Trek that creates any type of food you want to eat in a second.

This most powerful part of your being responds to your every command immediately. So now that you understand the law of attraction and are practicing positive thinking – how come nothing’s happening – how come you’re not getting what you want?

You can practice thinking positively, you can practice speaking positive affirmations but until you learn to just be happy or reprogram your subconscious nothing’s going to work.

Abraham Hicks tells us that well being is constantly flowing towards us. It’s a matter of being open to it. If we’re not, we’re pinching it off. If we’re pinching it off we’re resisting or pushing against it. We do this in several ways – we do it by default (allowing our unconscious and ego to take command and thus use our negative belief structures as our programs) or we do it by resisting what we perceive as negative in our lives. Abraham Hicks says that our negative beliefs lie dormant until we activate them. They say that the way to avoid activating them is to stay in the flow – stay open to the flow of well-being.

Our bodies, as our interface device for this reality, will tell us exactly what we need to know if we just listen. In Star Trek’s The Voyage Home, in the beginning Spock is asked a series of questions that ensure his being is fully integrated into his newly grown body. Some of them are metaphysical questions, some are scientific, but at the end the computer asks “How Do You Feel” and at this Spock is once again stunned. It is then that his human mother tells him that as a human he will have feelings.

This is poignant for us as well, because it is our feelings that at any given moment can show us where we are with respect to the manifestation of our desires. If we’re feeling good, we’re in alignment with well being. If we’re not feeling good, we are not aligned. It’s that simple.

Learn to be happy all the time and not resist the flow or work on removing your negative conditioning – either one will work – it’s all a matter of preferences. If you can do this, manifesting your desires will be as easy as saying Beam Me Up Scotty.

Former managing editor of a small town newspaper, Brenner is author of The Little Book of Becoming – Understanding the Law of Attraction and is currently polishing her metaphysical fiction. Little Book of Becoming Law Of Attraction Masters

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