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Natural Healing Herbs – Help For Memory By Natural Herbs

Memory Has Been Man’s Fascination Since Birth. Old Age Is Not The Only Factor Affecting Memory Loss. Stress, Serious Illness, Mental Disturbances, Chronic Fatigue Syndromes & Lack Of Sleep All Have Their Hand In Memory Loss.

Memory has been man’s fascination since birth. Old age is not the only factor affecting memory loss. Stress, serious illness, mental disturbances, chronic fatigue syndromes & lack of sleep all have their hand in memory loss. L-carnitine, Cinnamon bark extract, extract of ginkgo biloba, L-phenylalanine, bilberry extract, DMAE, L-arginine, choline, blue cohosh, tienchi, cayenne 40,000 unit of solville heat are all herbs and each help in increasing memory.

Every corner of the world have their own list memory herbs but we shall tell a few that are prevalent across the globe.

Ginkgo Leaf Powder — Ginkgo Biloba Brain Supplement

GINKGO BILOBA: This is ancient Chinese tree named Ginkgo Biloba. Its extracts give impetus to circulation of blood, also same for cerebral function and enhancement of grey matter. Memory loss when infected by Alzheimer’s can be countered by Ginkgo Biloba and is effective in dementias of certain types. Increase in thinking abilities and mind focusing is another benefit. The mind is kept in a relaxed position and therefore dementias of acute nature cannot make inroads.

Organic Gotu Kola Powde

GOTU COLA: This herb is an ayurvedic remedy. Concentration levels have known to increase along with aiding systemic circulation & memory. This herb is an excellent herb when required to revitalize nervous system & brain, helps in ageing delay and ups memory. It improves CBF (cerebral blood flow) and general circulation, thus oxygen is in good quality while traveling in blood and brain receives good supply of oxygen. Anther feature of this herb is that is can be useful for those trying to quit smoking.

Organic Rosemary Tea

ROSEMARY: Romarinus officinalis or rosemary is basically a remembrance herb. Rosemary flowers were dipped in water to prepare fragrant water and then inhaled the odor for memory enhancement; Romans & Greeks practiced this. For any type of memory loss & mental fatigue rosemary is no less than a gift. Tea consumption prepared using the herb, consumed every day will prove to be very helpful in resolving matters related to memory.

Bacopa, Brain and Cognitive Support

BACOPA SCROPHULARIACEAE: Take nearly 7 grams of the herb and dry it up underneath a shade & ground in water also put pepper & almonds. The combination is required to be strained and add 25 grams sugar for sweetness. Should be consumed well before eating food so full benefits are received.

Organic Sage Herbal Tea

SAGE: As good as any other herb for memory loss purpose. It rejuvenates brain cortex, diminishes mental exhaustion & upholds the concentration abilities. You can dry up sage leaves and use it in preparation of tea for deriving benefits.

Happy Belly Whole Raw Almonds

ALMONDS: Almonds is a widely available dry fruits that is also very beneficial for increasing memory. People in many Middle East and Asian counties till today too dip seven almonds in water at nighttime and then next morning peal the cover to consume it empty stomach.

Cumin Seeds Whole

CUMIN SEEDS: Its seeds when roasted are good for fighting memory issues and also amnesia. Just 3 gms of black seed cumin should be combined with 2 teaspoons of natural and pure honey to be consumed one in the entire day, better to consume in morning.

Black Pepper

BLACK PEPPER: Take ground black pepper of fine type – 5 seeds, pour it with pure honey – 1 teaspoon, and we are ready to be benefited for memory loss. This black pepper preparation is to be consumed both at nights and in the morning too.

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