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Medical and Other Natural Treatments For Anxiety

Shrinking is the word that describes the world right now. Figuratively, the world is becoming smaller as the days turns to months and the months into years. Due to several factors way beyond the control of ordinary humans, societies and communities were thrust in a whirlwind of change.

Everything in the world these days are going faster. This means faster ways of transporting people and things and most especially faster modes of communication. Bullet trains using electricity and magnetism can that can run for several miles are a common sight. The travel time is slashed to almost 75% compared to the usual. This just means people have more time to do other things.

Also, people now prefer to send messages thru e-mail rather than using the services of the local post office thru the slow “snail mail”. This is because e-mails or electronic mails can allow messages to be sent instantly even if the person is half-way across the globe.

With the way technology is progressing these days people can’t help but feel relieved and comforted that somehow they can do more things in so short a time. Thus, in the area of communication, people must now need to catch up and be involved in the “information super highway” revolution. Technology has become a blessing to most of them.

Yet, not all are feeling this way of being exuberant about the benefits technology has given them. The faster lifestyle brought about by a smaller world is in fact a bane to them. They felt that coping in this ever changing, ever faster world causes great anxiety to them. Their inability to change or inability to cope with the changes happening around is a concern too much for them to handle.

Worrying from time to time is normal because it can keep people on their toes and always be alert. But excessive worrying has the potential to lead to anxiety attacks or panic disorders. Anxiety attacks or panic disorders are symptoms of stress that can affect a person.

The effect of anxiety attacks can make people experience inefficiency at work, mood swings or sudden behavioral changes. The chances that diseases and illnesses will manifest in the body also increase. Psychologists often call this as the irrational or illogical fear. Most anxiety books can explain this.

In the same manner people who are suffering from anxiety attacks or panic disorders can find comfort in technology. This is because technology can be the source of their sufferings. Ironic as it seems where technology is the source of their problems, technology can also be the cure.

Nowadays, there are several natural treatments anxiety. There are the so-called psychotherapy, medications or the Charles Linden method.

The cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) falls under the psychotherapy treatment. The slow exposure treatment therapy is one of the treatment methodologies. CBT requires two components to be considered effective. These are the: Behavioral component and the Cognitive component.

The behavioral component is designed to alter the person’s perception of the situation that causes him anxiety or stress. For example an individual suffering from anxiety caused by a group of people can be helped by making the individual realize that the group of people are friendly and will not cause him harm. This requires changing the perspective of the sufferer little by little. A mindsoothe is perfect in this regard.

The cognitive aspect is about helping people become aware and alter their usual thinking pattern. CBT is accomplished thru group sessions where everybody will be required to share and release their bad experiences regarding the things that causes them anxiety or stress.

Relevant to the treatment of anxiety attacks are medications and other natural remedies. In the area of medications there are two classes that can be administered to the sufferer. These are the: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) and Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI). These are all antidepressants which are used to relieve or cure anxiety attacks. The natural way of treatment can include mindsoothe, nerve tonic and purecalm, panic portal.

It is common for people to be under stress but to be under this situation most of the time is detrimental to one’s health. When this happens people must relax and try to find comfort in medications or thru natural means.

Article by Beth Kaminski of, a website with the best panic disorders and best medication for panic disorder information on the web.

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