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Lanolin Products: Effective Skin Care

Lanolin Is A Gift Of Nature, Which Has Been Used, Tested And Tried For Many Generations In The Field Of Beauty, Skin Care And Cosmetics.

Lanolin, also known as wool wax, grease or wool fat, is a yellow greasy substance obtained from the sheep without harming it. As it protects the sheep from the unkind effects of the weather and environment, it also protects the human skin if one uses cosmetic lanolin products.

Lanolin is a gift of nature, which has been used, tested and tried for many generations in the field of beauty, skin care and cosmetics. The products soften and guard the skin and get quickly absorbed in it without clogging the pores. Lanolin is nearly a perfect skin emollient and softener, and most of the lanolin products are not tested on animals.

Pure Lanolin, Wind and Harsh Environment Skin Protectant

Before purchasing a soap, skin cream, lip balm, hair product or moisturizer made of lanolin, you need to make sure that they contain only medically graded or high-grade lanolin, so that you can breathe easily and enjoy the benefits of lanolin to its fullest.

Lanolin products like a lanolin lip balm helps in soothing and protecting the lips from drying effects of weather and the environment. Natural lanolin present in it helps in moisturizing, shielding and treating dry skin of the lips. Lanolin day cream, mixed with vitamin E, placenta extracts and sun screen helps in retaining the elasticity and natural beauty of the skin, while also protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun.

Liquid Lanolin

Lanolin anti-wrinkle night cream, mixed with vitamin A, placenta extracts and green tea extracts helps in nourishing, toning and revitalizing the skin. It also works by penetrating into the dry skin, thus leaving it smoother and softer. Lanolin body lotion, mixed with aloe vera, placenta extracts and vitamin E, is especially designed for use all over the body, thus leaving the skin feeling and looking smoother and softer. Medically graded lanolin may be used as a skin cream helps in retaining the softness of the skin.

Lanolin Aloe Vera Hand & Body Lotion

It is hypoallergenic, pure and bacterio-static. This is the reason why some of the breast-feeding mothers use these lanolin products on their cracked or sore nipples. These products can also be extremely effective in treating diaper rashes, itchy skin, minor cuts, skin abrasions, rough feet and minor burns.

Being an ointment base, lanolin is quickly absorbed into the skin, thus facilitating the absorption of medicinal chemicals that it carries. In some of the folk medical traditions, lanolin is also used in the nose for treating head colds.

Multipurpose Healing Cream with Lanolin, Vitamin E + Manuka Honey

Lanolin products are generally available in grease and liquid forms for heavy duty, general purposes and fine uses. In other words, lanolin products are environment friendly, positively safe to use, non-conductive and corrosion inhibitors. These products act as a barrier on the treated surfaces, preventing harmful agents to reach the skin. They are non-toxic therefore, applying them is extremely safe for the skin as well as for the environment.

These products are non-leaching and non-evaporative, thus are not easy to be washed away from the skin on their own. Due to all these qualities of lanolin, it is used as an active ingredient all types of skin products.

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