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What is a Media Kit and Why Should Your Company Have One

For any new business, or even any already established business that’s considering going in a new direction, reinventing themselves or just launching a new product – a media kit can be an incredibly valuable tool.

There are very few other ways available to promote your company and its endeavors that you can control entirely. You or representatives from your company can decide exactly what will be included in a media kit and where you will distribute it.

By determining the size, the items included and the packaging, you can control the price of the media kit, and by controlling distribution, you can be sure that your media kit will get directly into the hands of the people who need it – your target audience will have all the pertinent information on your company, exactly when you want them to have it.

Does Your Company Need a Media Kit?

All types of businesses can benefit from having a media kit. No matter what kind of service you are providing or what type of product that you are selling, you can most likely, in some way or another, benefit from what a media kit can do.

Increased awareness, increased patronage, and increased revenue are all very real possible products of a well thought out and properly distributed media kit.

What Types of Information and Items are Usually Included?

Depending on what type of service or product your company is offering, the contents of your media kit could vary dramatically. What you include and how you present it is really dependent on what your company is trying to achieve.

It’s also important to consider the objective of your media kit before deciding all of the information that you will include. What are you trying to achieve and what are the most important things that you want your target audience to know: Are you considering making your company more environmentally conscious, have you hired a new vice president, have you and your employees been more active in the community or are you preparing to launch a product that will change the face of your industry as the public currently sees it? All of these items would be good possible focal points of your company’s media kit, and may there-by change how much information that you include or slightly alter whose hands, exactly, you want it to end up in.

The Basics

Regardless of what your business offers, at the very least your media kit should include a basic press release detailing the company objective as well as a copy of the annual report – tucked neatly into a professionally printed folder.

Other adders to a basic packet could include press releases on upcoming company endeavors as well as information on the latest product releases.

Bigger and Bolder

Some companies that want to make big impressions with their media kit will go far above and beyond the minimal. They could trade in the professional, but conservative folder for some bigger, brighter packaging and include things like audio CDs or DVDs along with brightly colored flyers and product samples.

Snack food manufacturers, record labels and fashion studios are all immersed in very competitive fields. These companies will often try to go to new heights to make serious impressions with the content of their media kits – you can never go to big or bold when it comes to things like music, fashion and food.

Whether your company decides to go big or small, simple or elaborate – if you want to get the word out about your company and its endeavors, a media kit is one of the best possible ways to do so.

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