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Video Marketing Commercials

The standard length of video commercials is either 30 or 60 seconds. You have just enough time to communicate a product benefit and call to action. Aside from being able to be passed around, Internet video commercials and advertisements are also easier to evaluate.

For example, marketers can see how many people have watched the video, how many have downloaded it, how many tweeted about it or how many have shared it in social networks.

It makes it easier for advertisers to evaluate if their video advertising campaign is working or not, and allows them to change it instantly. Some new features will even indicate at which point the viewer became bored and when the viewer stopped watching.

This offers a powerful way to evaluate the effectiveness of a certain video advertisement on the Internet. Since customers tend to listen to other customers, you can use online video commercials as a way to showcase the opinions satisfied customers have about your business. Ask your customers to provide you with their honest feedback about the products and services you provides, as well as your customer service.

Select customers with various personalities for variety in your testimonial-based online video commercials. Since the dawn of the Internet age, a lot of marketing efforts have turned to advertising with Internet video commercials.

It is a very similar concept as providing video commercials for the television market. Studies have proven that people tend to remember products or services better when they are presented live or in the form of video.

Many experts feel that this may be even more true when using video advertisements on the Internet. How to evaluate the effect of commercials is significantly important in neuromarketing. In this paper, we proposed an electronic way to evaluate the influence of video commercials on consumers by impression index.

The impression index combines both the memorization and attention index during consumers observing video commercials by tracking the EEG activity. It extracts features from scalp EEG to evaluate the effectiveness of video commercials in terms of time in 2013. And, the general global field power was used as an impression index for evaluation of video commercial scenes as time series.

Results of experiment demonstrate that the proposed approach is able to track variations of the cerebral activity related to cognitive task such as observing video commercials, and help to judge whether the scene in video commercials is impressive or not by EEG signals.

It is because people are geared to respond and act more rapidly with what they see. Videos do not require a lot of thinking as visual advertising relays faster to your customers’ minds. In fact, video commercials makes the customers’ decision for them, which will turn into positive business dollars for the businessman.

Reading about a product or service requires a minimum amount of time to process information about the product or service, and time IS critical to the decision-making process of your customers.

By the time your customers learn more about the product, the time spent on thinking about the product may incur hesitancy on your customers’ part to buy, of which in turn will generate a more negative response to your product or service.

In today’s world the promotional activities of any company is very important in establishing the credibility of the products and services offered by the company. The paramount importance of promotional activities have pushed the companies to innovate new ways to promote their products and services.

There is a visible trend observed where the companies have started to promote their business using video commercials.

There has been a paradigm shift in advertising industry. With web universe becoming the primary channel for advertising, more and more businesses are focusing towards online video advertising.

If you have a business or a website which needs some amount of advertising to get more customers or website visitors, videos are very effective tools to draw the attention and showcase products and services. Video commercials on websites easily establish the overall credibility of the business and its product and services.

Videos for your business add believability of the products and services and the customers get confidence in the company. A well-composed video marketing campaign can take a business to a different level altogether. Video commercials are advertisements

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