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Should Pay-Per-Click be Part of My Marketing Campaign

From the creation of the website to figuring out your marketing plan, Pay-per-click (PPC) can be a tricky piece of the formula.If you look at some of the types of pay-per-click, they include search network, display, and video. Along with different types, there are different ways to launch and run a campaign.

It is easy to say don’t bother. I will just call a representative from one of the major pay-per-click companies and have them set up my pay-per-click. Many businesses do this. The next time you call for help you get a different person with entirely different ideas on your campaign. This is just a prelude to pay-per-click.

There are two basic ways to have to pay for these types of campaigns. You pay per click or you pay on a certain amount of impressions. An impression is whenever your ad is shown. Some companies only allow you to pay for impressions. Remember, you can have 500,000 impressions and not get one click. A lot of the impression campaigns have minimum charges and can be expensive. They can be helpful with branding but may not get a good quantity of conversions. If you pay per click, at least people will have to go to your call to action. I normally recommend pay per click although clicks can be as low as a dime and be as high as $75 plus.

You have to really manage these types of campaigns. You set a budget for each day which helps to manage your marketing money. Your choice of keywords or type of business that you are promoting will impact your budget. If your keyword is plumbing services, it may cost $30 or more to land a bid on the first page. If your budget is $10 per day, you may not get any clicks. You have to research your keywords for your target market before you set your budget.

Budget and cost per click is only part of analysis. If you get a click on your call-to-action and the average client brings in $2000, 50 clicks at $30 a piece with one conversion still makes you money. Get with your SEO services company and have a plan for your campaign.

You should also target for people in the area you do business. It may be pretty narrow. You may not get people driving 80 miles to come to your business no matter how great the product is. If you start narrow, you can open up your target area based on performance. The company managing your pay per click plan should be checking it daily and making adjustments daily. It should be constantly being maximized to benefit your business.

Depending on budget, it makes sense to give a well-managed pay-per-click campaign 3 to 6 months to show success. Manage your clicks to conversions to know what revenue you are bringing in or not bringing in.

PPC is a campaign worth trying if managed properly. It could bring in all of your business. You just have to close the deal. Normally, the longer you run a pay-per-click program your average cost per click goes down. Not always, but this does happen most of the time. If it is managed by a company that knows what they are doing, it is worthwhile.

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends. SEO Company website design Sacramento internet marketing

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends. SEO Company website design Sacramento internet marketing

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