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What is Web Hosting & Why Do You Need It?

If you want to make a web site then you will need to purchase web hosting. Of course, if you give a web site making order to some other company then you may not be aware of hosting. You need to get that knowledge but if you want to make your own website then you must be aware of web hosting.

When you make a website, all your web pages are served from the server residing somewhere on the internet. You get a web space and an internet connection from this server. The company which provides this type of service is called web hosting service provider.

You need to have good hosting service provider if you want to grow your online business. There are many providers out there. If you search the internet for a good web host then you will definitely find many options. HostGator and DreamHost are two well-known web hosts.

When you purchase a web hosting subscription, you need to select the plan. There are basically three plans that every web hosting company offers. 1) Shared Hosting Plan 2) VPS Hosting Plan & 3) Dedicated Hosting Plan.

Shared Hosting Plan

This is the basic plan. If you don’t have any idea about what web hosting is then you should always go for this plan. In the shared plan, you and many other clients like you will share the same server resources. Since server resources are shared between many clients, shared hosting plan is very cheap. You can have a full month of hosting for unlimited domains with unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth for just $9/month and even cheaper if you use the promo code.

VPS Hosting Plan

VPS stands for Virtual Private Sever. As the name suggests, you get a private server but only virtually. What does the meaning of virtual? Well, you get an account with the full access on the server but your resources are allocated and fixed. You can’t use more than allotted resources on the server. There are many VPS clients on the server but the number clients are less compare to shared clients.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

In dedicated, you get a complete separate server. One server for each client. Dedicated plans are very costly. It starts from at least $100 per month to few hundred dollars per month. This is the costliest plan. Dedicated servers are only used when you have very high web traffic or your web site runs particular applications.

There is one more hosting plan called Reseller Hosting which you will find at only few web hosts. In Reseller account, you have permission to resell the allocated web space and bandwidth to other clients. Reseller hosting is also a very good business if you can get clients.

You might think that why do you want to spend money on hosting when you can get a hosting free from sites like blogspot and wordpress. Well, if you use blogspot or wordpress service then you don’t own the domain name. Now you can change the domain name but the thing is that all your files will reside on their server. They might delete them if even by mistake their terms of service is violated by you. So don’t make a mistake of hosting your important web files at free services.

I hope now you know why you need web hosting. So just sign up with one and have fun.

If you really want to have a good web host service provider then Hostgator is your choice. You will find the 30% off coupons at the site.

If you really want to have a good web host service provider then Hostgator is your choice. You will find the 30% off coupons at the site.

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