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How Can I Set up a Google AdWords Account?

Google AdWords is one of the most important things that you can use when promoting your business. If you have an online business, you understand the importance of getting your name out there. In order to stay in business, you need sales. In order to get sales, you need traffic… and lots of it!

With the power of Google AdWords, you can multiply your effectiveness and start to bring in massive amounts of targeted traffic quickly.

So how exactly do you get started and set up your Google AdWords account?

Setting up a Google AdWords account is actually quite easy. To begin, simply go to and click on advertising programs. If you have some type of account with Google already, you can use your existing login for Google AdWords as well. If you don’t have a Google account (like Gmail or Blogger) you can simply create a new one. This is pretty easy and can be done in a few minutes. If you’ve ever created a new email account you can set up a Google account relatively painlessly.

From there, you can just follow the prompts to get started. You will need a credit card or debit card to put on file with Google. This way, when your ads run, they will have some way to charge you for them.

After you’ve set up all of the administration information with Google, you can get on to customising your ad plan. The great thing about Google AdWords is that it is completely customisable to your business needs. You can write your own ads and make your own list of keywords that will trigger the ads. You can set your daily budget to something that is good for your company.

Google AdWords has the ability to send highly targeted traffic to your website. It does this by using the search terms that people use on Google to choose which ads are displayed. When someone performs a search including a word or phrase that is in your keyword list, your ad will appear. This means that you will only be getting traffic that is looking for what you have to offer. You won’t be wasting money on people that aren’t looking for the topic that your product falls under.

At first, you will probably want to start out with a low daily budget. Start small and let your confidence grow. When you reach your budget, Google will stop showing your ads. This means that you won’t waste too much money right off the bat. It’s usually better to play around with your ads and your cost-per-click before you go all out. If you’re not careful you can spend a lot of money on AdWords. Therefore it’s usually a good idea to have your ducks in a row before you raise the daily budget.

Make sure that your site is converting the traffic that you receive. You don’t want to send all of this traffic from Google if you’re not going to make any money off of it.

Another great thing about Google AdWords is that you can turn on the traffic almost immediately. People use Google all over the world and there is always someone looking for what you have to offer. AdWords is simple to get started with but if you plan on growing a really large campaign, you should invest in a good book or training course as there are important subtleties you’ll need to understand to get the most out of your account.

Adrian Bold works for ImpactMedia, a specialist in AdWords management who have published some Google AdWords Tips for advertisers just starting out.

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