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What You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner

So many folks have them in their apartments or homes, but not many folks truly know the basic principles behind their air conditioning systems. They know enough to switch them on and also set up the temperature at the level they desire, but really know little concerning the components that allow the air conditioner cool their home down. An AC unit manages the cold and heat in your apartment by controlling the moisture content and also heat level in each room, but do you grasp how it accomplishes this? No matter if you are looking for a modern air conditioning system or interested in learning about the one you have, the best place to begin is with the standard terminology used to describe the functions of your model.

BTU: A BTU or British Thermal Unit is the worldwide measurement for energy. In laymanís terms, it is the measure of heat energy that is required to increase a pound of water by just one degree of heat. When you overhear an individual mention BTUs in regards to a/c, they are referring to the amount of heating a system can remove from a typical sized room. The bigger the BTU ranking, the bigger, more steeply-priced, and heavier the AC unit is. While many individuals believe that bigger is better, when it pertains to a/c that is just not always the situation. It is more vital to correctly pair the size of a place with the required number of BTUs. Having way too many or too few for the roomís dimensions minimizes performance and effectively prevents the system from accomplishing its job.

Body: The chassis is just simply the guts of your air conditioner. It is the structure and operating parts. Smaller sized devices often have a fixed body that is best to remove for winterizing. Larger sized models often come with a slide out chassis that makes repair a snap.

EER: The EER is just simply computed by dividing the BTUs into the number of watts. Air conditioners with bigger EER figures should be the most energy efficient. While a system with a higher EER quantity will save you cash over time, it will set you back a lot more to purchase. In case you don’

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