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The Top Four Houseplants That Are Sure to Compliment Any Home

Bring The Outdoors Inside By Decorating Your Home With Plants. Your Foyer Is The Best Place For Standing Plants That Are Tall Yet Do Not Take Up Lots Of Room.

Bring the outdoors inside by decorating your home with plants. Your foyer is the best place for standing plants that are tall yet do not take up lots of room. Many people are discovering the joys of flowering plant beds in rooms with plenty of space.

So what are the best plants to have in your home that require the least amount of care yet add so much in beauty and design? Read on and find the top four choices among decorators today.

1. African Violets

2. Poinsettias

3. Bromeliads

4. Cacti

Walk On The Wild Side

Pink African Violet Plant

The favorite choice among designers because they are so compact and flower freely. They do not need direct sunlight wither so the placement of this passionate plant is much more versatile. Other plants will need to catch a stripe of sun sometime during the day but not this sturdy and well producing flowering plant. The blooms come several times a year and the African violet is hard to kill. The only downfall is that it likes humidity making it the perfect plant for households that use a humidifier.

Not Just For The Holidays

Red Poinsettia Bushes

The most popular houseplant on the planet is the poinsettias. There are not just for Christmas, although that is the time of year that sales eclipse any other type of houseplant in the world. There are several new breeds of poinsettias that have just been bred by dedicated growers. They now have pink and white along with several other colors from which to choose. It is hard to make a poinsettias bloom which is the reason many people do not realize that you can make these plants bloom for several years in a row if they work at it. The flowers are insignificant, though and they are popular more for their broad, colorful leaves than anything else.

Bromeliads Urn Their Keep

National Tree 10 Inches Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliads are called the Urn Plant. They have sturdy leaves that form a cup at the bottom of the plant to catch water. From this water trough, sprout the most beautiful bracts in a tall, spike-like array. They do not bloom easily but when they do, these study flowers last longer than any other houseplant, sometimes looking great for months at a time. With or without their spike of flowers, these interesting plants look fantastic in the home. Without blooms, the bracts, which are a grouping of leaves that look flower-like, make the plant interesting.

The Sun Hogging Cacti

Dragon bone cactus Elkhorn plant

If you have a living room or sun porch that gets plenty of sunlight, the not so common cacti is the plant for you.

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