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Teak Tables – The Top Five Reasons To Buy Them

Are You Trying To Make Your Final Decision On Whether Or Not You Should Purchase Teak Tables For Your Home?

Are you trying to make your final decision on whether or not you should purchase teak tables for your home? Why not let us give you a top 5 list that will convince you this is the right decision.

Reason #1 – Appearance

Teakwood Round Accent Table, Natural

They are by their nature very attractive pieces to add to your home. The natural grains of teak in teak tables rival any other exotic woods out there. Swirls of orange and brown will create beautiful designs that will capture the attention of your eyes, and the adoration of all those who see yours.

Reason #2 – Strength

Manada Teak Coffee Table

These tables are made of teak wood. This is the same wood that has been used as the base for many temples and other buildings throughout history. Teak was used as the base wood because it was very strong and could handle being teamed up with stone and stand up to the job. When it comes to teak tables, this strong wood will also be able to hold up the to abuse that may come from those in the home, like children who believe every piece of furniture is something to be climbed over and played under.

Reason #3 – Durability

Rectangle Mid Century Modern End Side Table in Teak Brown with Storage

Teak has been used for generations for building boats. The reason for this is that it will put up to all that Mother Nature has to offer. Since teak is a naturally oily wood, it pretty much protects itself from water, heat and other elements that would weaken a regular wood. When it comes to teak tables, this means a spilled drink or two won’t seep into the wood and cause bowing, staining or other damage.

Reason #4 – Cleaning

East at Main Phillip Brown Teakwood Accent Table

Ready to clean your tables? No problem. It won’t take any time at all. Unlike other woods where you may have to use a number of cleaners to remove the spills that have been sucked into the wood, teak’s pores don’t allow too much to come in. Those natural oils in teak form a barrier that keeps stains out, so when it comes to cleaning time, a mild soap and water is all you need.

Reason #5 – Maintenance

Anderson Teak TBF-047BR Butterfly Round Folding Table

How many times have you had to clean, oil, polish, etc your current dining room table? With teak tables, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. They need very little maintenance compared to other tables. The real decision on how much work you want to do on teak tables maintenance depends on how you want them to look over time. If you want the colors to remain just as they are, you will need to use marine quality teak oil on the tables at least once a year. If you don’t, the teak wood may well darken as it ages. It is important to note, the darkening does not mean weakening, as your tables will still be as strong as they were when you first got them.

When it comes down to it, there are few reasons not to select teak tables for your home, as they are furniture pieces that will hold up to your use now, and be there for you in the future.

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