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Safe Method of Keeping Bees Out of Your Pool

Bees and many other types of insects are a constant unpleasant sight to behold during the summer as they tend to hover around the beautiful crystal-clear water of your swimming pool. These pests do this in order to fight the heat of the sun by dipping their body and drinking small portions of water. If in case you see these pests flying near your pool or around your pool area, expect that they have built their hive somewhere.

The best thing to do is to find their nest if you are after a thorough solution in getting them out of your place. Be careful though when searching for their hive as some bees guard their nest against predators by stinging them. Imagine attracting hundreds of angry bees to sting you. For this reason, it would be wise if you go there prepared in a suite that will keep the bees from getting in to you and afflict you with their stings. Most of the time, their hives are situated on the pool deck or on a tree somewhere they have an easy access to the water of the swimming pool.

When you have located their nest, the next best and safest things to do are the following:

1.You can burn leaves and let them smoke near the hive. Bees and other insects hate smoke and will quickly realize the threat of suffocation and heat as they will immediately begin to move out and decrease in number. Although smoking the bees as well as their hive may seem to be the safest solution in getting rid of the pests, one should be careful and should supervise the smoking to avoid any accidents of burning. If you have clothes hanging near the area, don’t forget to take them away so that the smell of smoke will not get into the clothes.

2.Another safe method is by using a piece of meat with a bucket filled with soap and water to keep the pests drowned into the water. This method was practiced and has ever since been popular as a natural way of keeping bees and other pests out of the pool. Bees and other insects that have a waxy outer covering on their body tend to survive falling into the water as their body is water resistant. The soap used in the water of the bucket acts as a water solution for getting rid of the wax covering of the pests. Make sure that you position the trap somewhere safe and out of reach of your animals and your children. Remove this bee trapper after you get the bees out of the pool area and get rid of the meat that is now starting to decompose and emit a foul smell. Wash thoroughly the bucket as it possibly had drippings from the portion of meat installed above it.

Destroy the remaining hive to make sure that the bees have no place to come back to and discourage them from camping near the pool area again.

I write for Pool Prodigy about salt water pool maintenance and how to maintain a pool.

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