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Outdoor Patio Furniture – Protect Your Investment, Keep It Covered

If You Live In A Cold Climate, You Should Consider Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers.

Winter is over. Spring is here. When you look at your patio furniture, what do you see? Does it look less than happy that you left it to fend for itself all winter long in the elements? If so, you should have had outdoor patio furniture covers.

By its name you would expect outdoor patio furniture to be hardy. Usually it is. But, just like anything else you are going to leave outside, patio furniture has the expectation that you are going to take care of it a little bit.

Patio Chair Covers

It’s much like the difference between leaving your car outside without any protection and with protection. If you use a car cover, your finish will last and shine much longer than if you leave the vehicle sitting out, taking whatever blows Mother Nature may decide to toss that way.

Your patio furniture expects a little love as well. If you live in a cold climate, you should consider outdoor patio furniture covers. These are an easy way to give your outdoor patio furniture a little love and a chance against the elements. Patio furniture covers are just like car covers, but for furniture. You toss them over the furniture pieces, and let the snow and rain come, but it won’t get to the patio furniture. The covers will stop it.

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There are some important things to keep in mind when purchasing and using patio furniture covers. First, you can’t leave them on all the time. If you keep your outdoor patio furniture covered too much, you may well be creating a world for mold and rot under those pieces of plastic or vinyl. Instead, you should only use patio furniture covers when you know there is rough weather coming, or need to protect them for a while when you are not using them.

Outdoor Chair Patio Furniture Covers

This has many people wondering what this means for the winter months. Should you leave your patio furniture uncovered? Or cover them and get rot and mold? Neither. During the winter months you should do one of two things.

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First, you could just move your outdoor patio furniture inside, into the garage or on a porch where they are less likely to be buried under snow and rain. Leaving the covers on all the time is not as important in this case and you can let them be out in the open more often.

If you are leaving them on the patio, make sure to uncover them periodically and let them breathe. Even in the worst winter climates, there are a few nice days. These are the days to pull those furniture covers off and let your furniture breathe. When the weather starts to go bad, cover them back up and protect them once again.

Outdoor furniture can come at a high price. This is an investment you can either protect or be forced to replace, with considerable expense. Outdoor furniture covers, used correctly, are a smart way to protect your investment so you have a great entertaining space for years to come.

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