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Organization Tips Offered by Professional Houston Home Stager

If you need some practical and useful organization tips for making the most of your dorm room or apartment space, then consider these ideas. There are several easy ideas you can try and best of all these are actually doable and would really work in the real world setting. See what a professional Houston home stager suggests to get started:

Use furniture wisely. One of the hardest things to manage in a small living space is a lot of unnecessary furniture or pieces of furniture that are too big and bulky. Everything should be used often and have a practical function or it needs to be tossed out.

Vertical storage shelving really helps keep the clutter at bay and keeps things organized. If you have space to store things but nothing seems to fit well, consider making some customized shelving and storage set ups to make use of your vertical space.

Storage in furniture is a popular trend in many modern furniture pieces today. Many footrests and ottomans are now being made with hidden storage inside. This allows you to use them as furniture and storage to keep lesser used items out of sight and out of the way.

Stacking storage areas also allows you to go vertical with storage or hide storage bins in corners, under the bed, and out of the way places. These stacking tower storage bins can also create a fun and unique accessory to a room as well.

Use hooks everywhere that you can. The professional home stager in Houston suggests using hooks in the entryway or mudroom or hallway to hang bulky coats and jackets or to keep purses and other items organized. Pegboards can also be a great way to organize your apartment.

One of the hardest areas of the home to keep neat and organized seems to be the closet. It often ends up being a catch-all for everything we either don’t have a place for or don’t have the time or interest to get organized. So it all get crammed and tossed in and soon becomes an organization nightmare! Not sure if your closet need some TLC? Then check out these three easy-to-recognize signs from a Houston professional organizer that show your closet needs to be re-organized.

You can’t close the closet door. This is the most obvious sign that you have too much stuff and you may need to re-organize your space. When a closet cannot perform its basic function it is time to take action and look at ways to store things better. A closet can be a great storage place, you just have be organized!

You can’t find what you need. If your closet is more like a black hole than conveniently organized space, beware! You should be able to get to things easily and have quick access to what you need. You should not have to move more than a few things to reach anything that you keep in your closet.

You use your closet for extra storage. A closet typically is meant to keep the things you need routine access to so they are on hand and ready when you need them. Aside from top shelves used for clothing box storage, the closet should not serve as a storage space for those once a year or highly seasonal items.

Let us find you the most professional Houston home stager for all your property selling needs online. To know more, visit

Let us find you the most professional Houston home stager for all your property selling needs online. To know more, visit

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