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Moving Made Easy

Moving to a new home takes a lot of time and effort but still could be fun. Moving entails a lot of planning and preparation, thus it could be viewed as a difficult dilemma or a great adventure. The process is often long, complicated and usually ends up in at least one or two flared tempers. Most of the stress caused by moving can be avoided by not putting off the preparation until it’s too late. However there are ways that can be taken to make the move easier, smoother, more pleasant, and a lot of fun. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare for your move.

First get rid of anything that is not being used or should be replaced. These are the things that you simply just don’t want anymore but have not really thrown away. Search one room at a time, and give yourself a few days to complete each room. As you go through your room, you will most likely discover things you have kept for years out of sheer habit or obligation – an old dish set given by a relative, toys the kids have outgrown, and stuff like that. You can pack these items into boxes and give them to a Salvation Army or any charity. Getting rid of these items will make you feel lighter and also make your new home free of clutter. You can also write a list of everything that you own that is making the move with you. This list becomes important, not just to make sure that you pack everything and that it all ends up where it should.

As you go through each room, start sorting through your stuff and organize your information. Gather your medical, dental and other records together. Make sure to change your address on your magazine subscriptions and catalogues. If you have kids, you could also register them in their new schools.

Over the next few weeks, the moving boxes will begin accumulating, so choose a spot that will be convenient to store them. You should avoid leaving the boxes all over the house, as this will be difficult for you to move around. Try to make a space as near to the front door as possible. You should also label your boxes on the top and on the side. When labeling indicates (1) what room the moving box should be into and (2) what is inside the box. This will help you organize your things and also help the movers know what room you want your boxes moved into. This will save a lot of time and effort.

Moving boxes are much stronger when they are filled completely. Partially filled boxes can easily compress when other boxes are stacked on top, so it is better to completely fill your boxes before you tape them shut. This would help protect your valuables. Use crumpled paper to fill in all the gaps inside your boxes.

Choose your movers and line up your moving days. Make sure to account for the days that you’ll need to pack, travel, and unpack. At this point, your move is booked and ready to go, you’ve got all of your things packed and you’ve rid yourself of whatever’s not going. It’s time to get on the road and start your new life ahead.

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