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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen With San Antonio Granite Countertops

Is your kitchen starting to look a little bit tired? New countertops is an easy upgrade that can completely transform your space. Granite countertops are traditional for reasons that have to do with looks and durability, often at a very reasonable price.

Granite is one of the most recognizable rocks on the planet, mostly because it is so good for making counter tops, floor tiles, paving stone, etc. It is made of quartz and feldspar with a variety of other minerals – and those other minerals cause the color variations that allow you to find granite that matches just about any existing decor.

Additionally, “granite” countertops can be made of a variety of other rocks, which are not technically granite but share the same qualities of being harder than marble and having visible grains – including basalt and pegmatite. This is not a bad thing – these rocks give a wide variety of color and texture for you to choose from, whilst still having the same important qualities.

The benefits of granite as a countertop material include high levels of resistance to scratches, stains and heat – perfect for high traffic kitchen areas. It also accepts a polish well and, sometimes with the addition of a proper sealant, granite countertops can last for many years. While marble is also popular, it does tend to etch or scratch, and is thus better for low traffic areas and bathrooms.

Granite countertops are relatively easy to maintain. Although granite is stain resistant, you should still clean spills immediately, especially if they involve acids like wine or coffee. You should use only a sponge and water or a proper natural stone cleaning spray – dish soap will leave a residue that dulls the shine and generic cleaners degrade any sealer that has been used. Store items that might spill on a shelf or decorative tray, as it’s easy to miss a spill that could eventually turn into a stain. Oh, and do not sit or stand on granite countertops – they are hard, but not flexible, and can crack under heavy strain.

Although granite is sufficiently heat resistant that you can put a hot pot or pan straight on it without damage, avoid leaving it there for too long. And while it is scratch resistant, you should still use a cutting board, especially if your countertop has been sealed.

These countertops can be installed on your existing cabinets for a cheaper upgrade, or on new ones as part of a full remodel. Make sure to go to the showroom and look at all the different colors and styles. If you are installing them on existing cabinets, take photos of your kitchen so you can compare – and show the sales person what you are trying to match. A simple countertop installation will only take a few hours, across two visits – the first one is to take measurements and make templates so that the countertops can be cut off site. Updating your countertops has never been easier.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen countertops, then contact your San Antonio granite countertops company.

Our web page reveals how you can buy affordable San Antonio granite countertops for your home. To make an enquiry with our experienced staff, click on this link

Our web page reveals how you can buy affordable San Antonio granite countertops for your home. To make an enquiry with our experienced staff, click on this link

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