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Chrome Shelving, Perfect For Displaying Shoes

Chrome Shelving Can Give A Minimalist And Modern Look To The Bedroom Cluttered With Shoes.

Girls love shoes, it is true. Men cannot love shoes in the same way as women do because they do not have the options of colours and styles. And even if they could find pink shoes or glittery shoes, unless they were Elton John they would face public humiliation if they stepped out in such footwear. But what do girls like more than shoes? They love looking at shoes, far more than wearing them, for some shoes are not made to be worn.

You can see girls who are wearing shoes that are not meant to be worn, they will hobble and limp on feet cut up by their pretty and decorative shoes, their feet covered in plasters to cover the blisters. And this is where chrome shelving comes in. Chrome shelving, like most modern uses of chrome, is shiny and attractive, perfect for displaying shiny and attractive new shoes.

Shoe Organizer - Chrome Shoe Storage

Pretty shoes are not meant for the dingy bottoms of wardrobes. Piling shoes up in such places means that girls can’t see the range of colors they have that will match their outfits, and they can’t always find both of a pair. Chrome shelving lets shoes escape the wardrobe to take their proud place in a room. On a chrome shelving unit women can arrange their shoes in many different ways.

By color perhaps, black pairs together and brown pairs together, then the brightly colored ones, the blues, greens, pinks, reds, and purples. Or the shoes can be displayed by type, with knee-length or other long boots on the bottom shelf, then ankle boots, then court shoes, then high heels, naturally ranked in order of heel thickness, from wedges and platforms, down to stilettos. Then come sandals, and flats. The chrome shelving is also adjustable so that the lower shelves, for large shoes can have a large height, then as the shoes become smaller in the arrangement, the shelves can be spaced closer together.

3-Tier Chrome Shoe Tree

Chrome shelving can give a minimalist and modern look to the bedroom cluttered with shoes. It’s shine has led chrome to be a popular finish for many items of furniture an also fittings and fixtures. How many kitchen appliances are chrome these days? What about bathroom shelves and railings? Chrome shelving would look great furnishing a bathroom or kitchen, but those rooms could be considered a waste of the beautiful metal.

If your home can be fitted out with chrome shelving throughout, then all the better, but shoes certainly deserve pride of place on chrome shelving. Storing shoes on shelves does not only allow women to know exactly where each and every shoe is, but it also allows her to know exactly how many pairs of shoes she has.

Chrome Adjustable Shoe Rack

This knowledge can be useful in cutting down on shoe buying, since even the most addicted shoe lover knows that more than two pairs of shoes in any one color is going overboard. Displaying shoes on chrome shelving can have the opposite effect, however, by letting the shoeaholic know what colors and shapes she is missing, and can justifiably buy. But whatever effect chrome shelving has on women’s need to buy new shoes, it does let the shoes be stored in a manner in which they are unlikely to be damaged.

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