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Choosing Metal Beds That You Can Trust

In terms of bedroom decor, not all furniture is created equal, and even within a particular type or style of furniture, you’ll find various levels of quality. This is especially true of metal beds, which are well known for their low cost and relatively good durability. However, what they are also known for is poor quality and lack of confidence in their sturdiness. It seems that many such beds are unstable and rickety, not being well put together. How do you know what sort of metal bed you can trust in various rooms of your home?

Master bedroom furniture can be quite expensive, and you are probably looking to save every penny. If you choose to do so with metal, don’t opt for a king size metal bed. Because this particular size is so large, it contains numerous pieces – many more than a full size or queen size option – which leads to more opportunity for flawed parts or rickety joints. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the furniture in your master bedroom is trustworthy, either spare the expense elsewhere or opt for a smaller master bed. Going king will only lead to trouble and constant tweaks, tightening of joints, and repairs.

Aside from the master suite, the most common location for metal beds is in the children’s rooms. Because you know your child will continuously outgrow his or her furniture, you need the most affordable bedroom furniture possible for them. Therefore, you choose to go with metal, knowing that it will be inexpensive and easily replaced. However, there are several issues with metal in a child’s room to be concerned with. Parents should diligently inspect any metal furniture going into their child’s room prior to purchase.

Kids beds often become somewhat of a jungle gym, especially if you install bunks or lofts into the space. In choosing carefully the furnishings you’ll purchase, you need to test the stability of the design as well as the durability under pressure. Even if the product is perfectly reliable for rambunctious children, be aware of any spikes or sharp edges and corners that could cause injury to your child. These could be manufacturer flaws in one particular set or could be part of a design that you want to avoid.

If you have two children sharing a room, you may have a daybed with trundle set up in the room. This is a great option, and the metal trundle is a simple space saving device. However, you want to again test the durability of the metal structure and also the springs that are used to raise and lower the bed for sleeping and storage respectively. If these springs aren’t high quality, then your child could be hurt in the middle of the night by a fall.

Of course, kids bedroom furniture is perhaps the most important in regards to testing for safety, but since guest rooms are not frequently used, you may also opt for inexpensive metal beds in these rooms. It is important to inspect the safety of these as well, since your guests are important to you and unfamiliar with the furniture in your home.

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