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Bugs and Pests Kept at Bay by Qualified Exterminators

It is one of those things in life that plague us constantly, but pests will always get into our living spaces to annoy us. However, there is an unhealthy aspect in having pests around too since they can spread some rather dangerous diseases too. Rodents, for example, carry disease that is deadly to humans so it is a good idea to call in the experts if signs of these are seen where human habitation is in existence. Exterminators are well-qualified to handle just such a job and very professional too. In fact, looking up ‘exterminating’ on the net will give a good list of what companies undertake this kind of work.

People should be aware of how these rodents leave their calling card on anything that they walk over. Their urine is particularly dangerous since we could well eat or drink something without realizing that the urine was there. If the animal carries some disease, the transference of the disease is as simple as that. There have been cases of people drinking from ring pull cans, without cleaning them first, and getting seriously ill when they ingested dried urine from the top.

What the experts do is to work out where they are coming into the home and lay traps or poison bait for them just where they will eat it. Since the poison used is slow acting, they normally die outside the home where the nest is. They also dry up fast too so there is unlikely to be any smells in the place. Of course, if there are children or pets in the home, the expert will take extra steps to make sure that they cannot get their hands, or mouths, on the poison.

For bugs like ants and termites, the experts work out a way to try to kill off the queen in the colony. Termites in particular are very destructive when they get into the home. Since they eat wood from the inside out, sometimes people do not see the damage that is being done until it is much too late. Signs that there is an infestation are the dust like residue at the base of any wood, plus a hollow sound when the wood is tapped.

Termites will tunnel on forever if they have a good source of food. They can come into the house by burrowing into skirting boards, and then go up door frames into the roof space. To cross that space between the door frame and the ceiling the termites build up some form of earth tube like structures. This is another sign, obviously, that something is not right. If some of the soil is brushed off, keeping track of how long it takes to rebuild the structures will show if the infestation is active or not.

Experts will use several methods to rid the home of termites but some are more invasive than others. If there is a beautiful garden which needs to be left in situ, putting in tube like structures is probably the best way to lay bait for these.

Stewart Wrighter has often called on the expertise of a Memphis exterminating company to treat his large office facility. He scheduled an appointment with Memphis exterminators to inspect his house for termites.

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