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Biguanide Specifics Revealed

As it turns out, there are a lot of pool sanitizers out there — all ready to be used and utilized by pool owners. One of these is the biguanide sanitizer. You might be eyeing this for oh so long but your just not sure if it’s the one for you. What is a biguanide sanitizer? Is it that successful in cleaning pools? What is the real score about biguanide? Is it what your pool needs?


Biguanide can be classified as a molecule or a type of drug that is of that molecule. Quite surprisingly, it is used in curing diabetes and malaria for hundreds of years now. It was discovered by Slotta and Tschesche in 1929. And what a beautiful discovery it was indeed!


Biguanide is as we say, EXCLUSIVE in a way. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with chlorine and bromine products and a wide variety of algaecides. It has it’s own trade goods or chemicals to be used in order to disinfect a pool. Biguanide treated pools also have their OWN test kits to be used in, of course, water testing. That is how exclusive it is.

Right now you might be thinking that biguanide pools are hard to maintain because they are SENSITIVE in a way. Well, you might just be thinking the opposite. You know how things turn out to be what you think they are not? This might be just one of those things. Biguanide treated pools are EASIER to maintain for the following reasons:

Biguanide sanitizers is only added every 7 to 14 days as opposed to adding in an amount every single day.

Any floater or chemical feeder is no longer needed to maintain a pool like this one. You can directly apply the sanitizer to the water.

Algaecide is added every 1 to 2 weeks as opposed to putting it in every 3 to 5 days.

Shock treatment is added monthly as opposed to weekly basis application.

With that said, Biguanide pools is good for you because:

Biguanide compatible products and treatments usually come in a package where you can use them in their full extent. This means less trouble for you. Less trouble means you won’t have to run a muck finding all these chemicals for you to be able to maintain your biguanide pool. That package is the answer to your biguanide dreams.

A biguanide program usually comprises of 3 simple and easy to follow steps. These 3 steps is assured to make your pool clear, clean and safe to use.

It is sworn not to corrode your swimming pool equipment and apparatuses. It is not harmful because it is not an oxidizer. This means longer life for your accessories and things. That’s never a bad thing right?

Biguanide is not harmful on the skin, eyes and our private parts. With the right biguanide program, a biguanide treated pool will become odorless. These means that the water is smooth and healthy to the sight, touch and smell.

Biguanide really seems to be a good and wise choice for a pool sanitizer. You now hold the information and you have the power to decided whether you will proceed with it or not. Biguanide or no biguanide, you must be a responsible and sagacious pool owner who always weighs and analyzes your pool’s needs and specifications. You’ll figure it out.

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