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Bath Salts, Relaxation One Bath at a Time

Bath Salt Is A Very Good Stress Reliever. It’s My Secret Ingredient During My Most Stressful Days In A Work-month. It Calms My Frayed Nerves And Over-used Senses

I don’t know about you but my favorite time in the world is my bath time. Whether I use the shower or the tub, this moment is my personal sacred time and space. It’s my pamper-&-alone time and I seriously feel that this is the time when I can be most myself.

In a day, there’s usually one bath schedule I allot for myself wherein I bathe as long as I want and for sure I come out feeling like a better and cleaner person—washed off from the dirt and grime I’ve accumulated in life quite literally!

Epsom Salt

Of course, my bath time isn’t limited to just bathing… there are many things I do before, during and after the usual soap wash. Indeed there are different ways and means in order to enjoy bath time more. Again, it’s a completely preferential and personal experience; and whether it is giving yourself a facial, hot-oil, body-scrub, dancing and singing in the bathroom, or using bath salt during bath time, the option is wonderfully and creatively yours. Personally though, one of my favorite bath time “additive” is bath salt. I really enjoy using bath salt whenever I bathe.

Soothing Petal-Infused Effervescent Mineral Bath Salts

Bath Salt is a very good stress reliever. It’s my secret ingredient during my most stressful days in a work-month. It calms my frayed nerves and over-used senses. There’s something about the bath salt and water mixture—whether it’s used in the tub or as a shower solution, it’s really soothing. I can get lost in my thoughts or with the music that I play during bath time. The bath salt and water solution literally cleans my body, and invigorates my spirit.

Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

There are a number of health benefits to enjoy in using bath salt as well. If you have Psoriasis (scaly patches on the skin and joints) or Seborrheic Dermatitis (dandruff) bathing in bath salt is a great natural and affordable remedy for these diseases among others. Remember though to consult your doctor for the correct mixture for your body chemistry.

Dead Sea Bath Salts, Temporary Relief From Dry Itchy Skin, Aches and Pains

Bathing with bath salt also fits the wellness concept and ideology that is gaining popularity recently—I mean if stress levels can be alleviated with a regular (not necessarily daily) bath salt bathing ritual, it follows that I fell healthier and happier because of it.

Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salts, Joint & Muscle

Last but not the least, one thing I really enjoy about bath salt is the fact that it is a natural beauty therapy. Bath salt used in appropriate and proportional amounts, helps exfoliate dead, dry, old skin cells and helps make skin better, fresher, younger and more beautiful. I’d be crazy not to enjoy the benefits of having great skin all thanks to bath salt!!!

Bath Himalayan Salt Coarse Lavender

There could be more reasons to answer the question: “Why is Bath Salt so Enjoyable?”—maybe even you, dear reader, have some insights to share about bath salt as well. Yet for all the answers we may give, all I’m very sure of at this point in time is that life is full of simple pleasures. The fun happens when we make personal discoveries about random, probably daily things that make us sit back at the end of the day and say: “The great things in life come in small packages.”

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