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Adding a Bathroom Vanity to Create Elegance

When you set out to add an elegant look to your existing water closet you need to be sure that you pick out the appropriate bathroom vanity. The feature you need to be concerned with most in your water closet is the mirror. According to most professional interior designers the mirror is considered the focal point (center) of your water closet. The reason for this is because the mirror is recognized as a central element in any water closet. The other reason is because your friends and family enjoy being able to check their appearance before they walk out the door.

While using a public water closet be sure to stop and take notice of the style of mirror that’s being used over the bathroom vanity. The reason you need to pay attention to this detail is because you don’t want to use the same style of mirror when you create your own elegant and unique water closet. Keep in mind that a plain and simple mirror is totally unacceptable in your design plan because these plain styles are utilized in many of the older style water closet designs. If you find that you have used one of these plain varieties of mirrors in your water closet you should realize that you need to replace it.

When you’re up for the challenge of introducing an all new style into your water closet you should first try changing the existing fixtures with a silver finish. The silver style is not only very easy to clean but it will give your water closet a great new look. There are many different varieties of trim to add to your bathroom vanity. By adding a silver touch to your water closet design theme it can add that personal touch that it may have been missing all along.

Another advantage to choosing silver tone accents for your bathroom vanity it can be a very versatile style especially if you decide to alter the theme of your water closet down the road. Take for example how many people choose to have some type of an underwater or nautical type theme in their water closet. These silver toned accents will help bring the nautical theme together if you use it in an older water closet.

Another way you can add your own special touch to a standard or master bathroom vanity is to choose one that has some type of silver etching inside the glass work (similar to stained glass design) that will provide a more majestic touch. Using this style will add a sense of eccentricity not only to your mirror but your overall water closet design. It will also grab your guest’s attention while they are washing their hands or simply freshening up.

Choosing the bathroom vanity is the first step when it comes to the overall design plan of your relaxing and tasteful water closet. Then you can begin your personalizing of it with all the accoutrements. This is what you would consider the personal touch.

If you are looking to add a more majestic touch you can install some glass shelves on the water closet wall. These shelves can be used to display just about anything. Keep in mind you need to utilize silver tones throughout the water closet. In the end it is entirely up to you to pick out the right mirror to hangs over the bathroom vanity.

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