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How to Build a Greenhouse For Yourself

A greenhouse is a place made of plastic or glass to trap the energy of the sun and grow various kinds of plants in that place. In order to build a good enough greenhouse you are going to need some important stuff. The aim is to build a place to nurture those plants which cannot grow in colder climates. This place should be such that the plants can get adequate ventilation, warmth and humidity so that they can grow in a healthy manner. Since the greenhouse is an intensive system you would want to grow as many fruits and vegetables possible in that place. Otherwise it will simply not be a cost effective system.

People think that as they depend only on sun rays to give warmth to their plants and do not need an alternative system of heating, no more equipment is required. There are a lot of utilities that are needed to maintain a good greenhouse. The most important of all is a good ventilation system. If on some days the sun is hot, the plants will receive too much heat and they will suffer. On the other hand, if it’s a cloudy day the plants will not be able to receive adequate sunlight and they will again suffer. The ventilation system if good can help tide over this problem. The cheapest way would be to go there and open the doors and windows on a hot day.

It is essential for you to decide how you would want your plants to grow. They can be grown on the ground and also on benches. The best place to grow plants is on the ground but as you grow them year after year in the same place the soil will lose its nutrient content and the risk of diseases to plants also goes up. You can either replace the soil annually or use commercial potting compost. The latter is a better bet as it is very easy to handle compared to the former. Changing whole of the soil is not going to be an easy task.

If you are in a position to spend some extra bucks then you can get an automatic system installed. There are various varieties in automated ventilation system also. It can be a complex involving fans and a simple one in which it controls the opening of windows. The trigger for working is the temperature in the greenhouse. Having a good watering system in place is also very important for the health of plants. You can water the plants by carrying a can of water or have an elaborate system of maybe drip irrigation in the greenhouse. A proper lighting system is also essential in it. It will help in extending the growing season for you. Get an electrician to get the fittings done so that power can reach the greenhouse. A properly planned greenhouse will delight many especially if the gardener has limited mobility in the greenhouse. Having benches can be useful. They help in freeing up space for re potting plants and mixing of compost. A path of well laid stones can have the fairy tale effect on the greenhouse.

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