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Essential Gardening Tools and Equipment

Essential Gardening Tools And Equipment

Having the right gardening tools and equipment is important. They are what you need for soil preparation and planting. However, it is not necessary for you to spend hundreds of dollars on these items. In fact, you can find good quality tools in yard sales and flea markets. Also, there is no need for you to buy complex equipment. Basic gardening tools and equipment are enough to make gardening easy and convenient.

Essential Gardening Tools You Should Have

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You need to have short-handled tools such as hand trowels. These are tools that have handles in addition to scoop-shaped and pointed metal blades. There are also ergonomic versions for people with arthritis. They are similar to cultivators, and can be used for breaking up lumps of soil or clods of dirt and digging small holes. They are also useful in removing weeds, mixing fertilizers, and planting seedlings.

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Hand forks and sharp pruners are also essential. Hand forks have three big tines on the end of their short handles. They are ideal for digging and aerating soil. They can even be used for planting as substitute for hand trowels. Sharp pruners, on the other hand, are used for pruning rose bushes, snipping flowers, and trimming branches. They are also called trimmers and hand clippers, and they come in two types: bypass and anvil.

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Bypass pruners have curved and scissor-like blades. They produce smooth cut as well as allow for closer cutting of branches. Anvil pruners have thicker and bulkier blades. These blades meet a flat edge and chop against something hard. They are perfect for getting rid of dead branches and cutting tough limbs. Keep in mind that it is crucial to keep the blades of both types of pruners sharp to prevent them from becoming dull and inefficient.

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Aside from short-handled tools, you also need to have long-handled tools. These tools will allow you to work in your garden without having to kneel or bend down. Garden hoes, for instance, are essential. They can be used to agitate the surface of the soil and remove weeds. They can break up clumps of soil, so it will be easier for you to plant seeds and seedlings. They are also very useful for weeding in between rows of flowers and crops.

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Cultivators are similar to garden hoes. They can also be used to break up clumps of soil. However, they are not ideal to be used for weeding in between delicate plants. Nonetheless, they can still be used for cleaning moss, removing lumps in the soil, aerating and thatching, and mixing fertilizers. When used with certain attachments, they can also be used to plough the soil and cut vegetation. Combination cultivators have small hoe-like sides and finger-like claws.

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Other tools you may need in your garden include the rake, pitchfork, grass shears, spade, and bulb planters. Aside from gardening tools and equipment, you should also have watering cans or sprinklers and garden carts. You should also have summer cotton gloves that are replaced each year, as well as mud gloves with rubberized palms and fingers to keep your hands dry and warm.


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