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National Candy Month

Sweets and crisps tend to get something of a bad rap and of course it wont be good for you if you diet consists solely of sugary treats, however research suggests that satisfying your craving in moderation could actually be good for you. You feel like you aren’t depriving yourself and it may actually help someone who is dieting. June is national candy month so why don’t we spend a little time talking about one of our favourite snacks.

The truth is that everyone enjoys a sweet treat from time to time, however many of us feel a little guilty after we indulge ourselves. There’s no need for us to feel bad as when you think about it there really isn’t such a thing as ‘bad’ foods – but there are badly planned diets. Even if we overfed ourselves on the foods that were supposedly ‘good’ for us it certainly wouldn’t be healthy.

It’s not just children who love sweets and candy, it’s for this reason why most adults never grow out of liking them too. Chocolates, sweets and candy were always a treat when they were younger and now that they can afford to buy them for themselves then it can be difficult NOT to give yourself the occasional reward. Shops have realised this and there are a number of websites which offer a wide selection of ‘retro’ sweets which people may have long forgotten and just assumed weren’t being made anymore. These websites tend to operate from warehouses rather than traditional ‘shop fronts’ and so have more shelf space available to stock a wider range of products.

For sweet lovers in the UK there is a growing demand for American candy. With this in mind there are a small handful of websites which will specially import sweets, candy and soda on request. These sorts of shops are fantastic for people who have come back from a holiday in the USA and are longing for the snacks they experienced abroad. Likewise, Americans who now live in the UK may be longing for the sweets they used to enjoy.

Not only are these snacks a delicious treat for you – they also make nice gifts for friends or loved ones. With the sheer variety of sweets available it can be a nice idea to put together a selection box or a gift basket full of classic sweets for a loved one so that they can recall those treasured childhood memories.

So if you are partial to the odd candy snack then it is important that you bear all of this in mind and that you go out of your way to eat a variety of different foods so that your body has the best chance of getting the different nutrients it requires. It is also important that you take into consideration the amount which you eat and that you keep control over the portions which you consume. The fact is – if you practice sensible nutrition then there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to make room for candy in your life!

Dave Matthews is writing on behalf of American Soda, a UK supplier of Jolly Ranchers.

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