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Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown Cigars is the elite premium cigars line from the J.C. Newman Company that was founded in 1895. Carlos Fuente Sr. wanted to produce something that was more than a premium stock; so he collaborated with Stanford J. Newman to create this luxuriously wonderful offering. It was his dream to make a smoke that had not been made before this.

This was the first company to offer cigars with a 54 ring gauge. Prior to that, the largest ring size that was available was a 52. The aim was to create a very fat smoke that would be favored by aficionados all over the world.

The reason for wanting a bigger ring was to be able to blend more tobaccos together in a cigar with lots of flavor and aroma producing smoke. This would make room for up to seven tobacco leaves and they knew that this would create an extraordinarily flavorful and complex blend of tobaccos. They began with tobaccos of different types from Dominican Republic, and the rest is history….

Another thing that sets Diamond Crown cigars apart from others are their Connecticut Fermented Wrappers. This comes about as a second step to the fermentation process is added that is not usually performed with other smokes.

Nearly every maker uses wrappers that are put up in tobacco bales and then allowed to dry and bulk up before it is made into a stick. Diamond Crown cigars allows this process to go on for five full years and then, and only then, are the best leaves chosen. Not only does this give the wrapper a beautiful rose color but it also nearly assures that there will be no flaws in the wrapper itself.

This line was invented to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of J.C. Newman. It truly was a production of love because they did not really mind if it took a long time and cost a lot of money, they just wanted to create something that was unlike anything the connoisseurs had seen beforehand.

Reviewers offered that this could possibly be the most beautiful and flawless wrapper they had ever seen and it was presented to them on Diamond Crown cigars. They went on to say that the flavors included a very creamy vanilla mixed with an almond nuttiness and spiciness.

In the second third, most of the creaminess dissipates. The dominate taste now is the almond nuttiness. Later there are notes of wood and the creaminess gradually reappears. The last third has the almond nuttiness in the forefront but there is also a hint of licorice and a woodsy note.

When describing the smoke the reviewers all agreed that it had an excellent burn to it. It featured a medium type ash that held strong almost until the very nub. The draw and amount of smoke was excellent as well.

Diamond Crown cigars are heralded as being a step above the rest because they are so smooth. This no doubt is attributed to the fermentation process that takes these smokes to another level above and beyond any that rival them. If you can find some of these extraordinary beauties, you’ll certainly want some for your humidor—they also make great gifts for your cigar smoking buddies!

For more information on Cigars, Electronic Cigarettes and Diamond Crown Cigars visit our online Cigar Shop.

For more information on Cigars, Electronic Cigarettes and Diamond Crown Cigars visit our online Cigar Shop.

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