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You Cannot Afford to Be Without Florida Small Group Health Insurance

These days finding and maintaining health insurance for you and your employees is one of the hardest tasks facing small business owners. You may find that you’re getting the brush-off from agents and big insurers that don’t think they will make enough profit from offering you services. Keep your head up; there are insurance providers who are willing to offer Florida small group health insurance no matter how large or small your business is. However, some criteria must be met in order to receive insurance benefits, but don’t fear, many businesses get approved!

Insurance rates are regulated by the state, so it really doesn’t matter if you arrange for the coverage yourself, or if you go through an insurance placement agency. There are some bad apples out there, so that’s why you have to do your research. Regardless of who makes the final decision on your policy, you should become knowledgeable in the process, and contact the agency responsible for regulating insurance in your state. In Florida for example, it’s known as the Office of Insurance Regulation. By contacting this agency for the most accurate and impartial information available you are able to understand state guidelines and find third party unbiased information.

When you’re picking something as important as health insurance obviously is, it’s important to make that choice in a prepared manner. Receiving as much information as you can gather will ensure you are making the right decision. Take the time to download and read all the guides and guidelines you can find. You may have to spend a little time poking around the state’s regulatory site, but you should be able to locate relevant information on every provider that’s authorized to do business in your state. Make sure their policies offered fit into your office’s needs, compare comprehensive coverage’s, and interact with your employees to get their opinions and thoughts on the matter. They may give you some great insight from their prior employer’s choices or past experiences.

The research process will likely be tedious, but the time you spend checking out the various insurers will save you money in the long run. Research will help you to find the insurer that offers group coverage at the most reasonable rates for the size of your business. As you view each company’s sites, be sure to check on what packages are available, how often you can change your information, and if you have to sign a contract (six months, year long, etc).

Just as important is the overall cost to not only yourself, the employer, but also your employees. Generally, employers offer help monthly toward insurance expenses for their employees. Most employers consider contributions toward coverage an overall cost benefit. Why? Because when your employees are ill or hurt they will not be at work. This will create lowered production levels and could eventually become more of a burden if you have employee turnover. Think of how much lower production would be if you didn’t have insurance for your employees and they were forced to go broke trying to fix their medical condition. Also, offering insurance is a nice perk that will help you to recruit and retain the best employees possible. It’s also a good way to ensure employee retention. If you take good care of your staff, they’ll be loyal to you, a rare thing these days.

While searching through all the paperwork is a daunting task, in the end you will pat yourself on the back knowing your employees are well taken care of, and that you yourself are taken care of too. There’s no reason in the world why being uninsured is better than having great Florida small group health insurance. Just be prepared, talk to as many people as you can, get all the information, and make an informed decision that you won’t soon regret.

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