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Introducing the Dahle Novus B8FC Power on Demand Stapler

Stapling thick documents can be difficult even when you have a stapler that can handle a lot of sheets. If you’re using a manual device, this type of fastening can make your hands ache…especially if you have a lot of documents to process. However, sore hands can be a thing of the past thanks to the new Dahle Novus B8FC Power on Demand Stapler. This is a product that makes fastening thick documents incredibly easy. Here are the top three features of this incredibly user-friendly device.

1.)Stapling capacity. The B8FC can staple as few as 2 sheets of paper or as many as 50. No matter how long your document is, odds are the B8FC can handle it. Also, this is flat-clinch device that will fully bend and flatten the legs of each staple. This means your stapled papers will take up much less room whether they’re in a pile, stored in a binder, or sent through the mail.

2.) The bypass feature. For optimum performance, it’s recommended that you use Novus Super Staples with this device, particularly the 24/6 and 24/8 ones. However, if you choose to use the 24/8 fasteners, you will never have to switch to a different size of staple due to the device’s bypass capability. Thus, if you need to fasten 10 sheets now and 45 sheets immediately thereafter, you can use the same staples. This is a great time-saving feature.

3.) Power on Demand. If you’re putting together a short document, you can use the B8FC just as you would a normal desktop stapler. However, if your item is much thicker, you can raise the device’s folding lever. This lever makes it possible to staple thick documents with less effort. In fact, using the lever requires 70% less effort than normal fastening. It will make processing lots of longer papers a total breeze. Plus, the Power on Demand feature will save wear and tear on the stapler, as well as your hands, and it will also help you get more done in a short amount of time. When you’re done, just fold up the lever and your B8FC will instantly take up less room.

In addition to these top three features, the B8FC has a unique front-loading system you can utilize when you need to refill the device with staples. This feature eliminates the possibility of pinched fingers that can occur when refilling a top-loading product. It is also capable of doing temporary pinning if you need to be able to remove your staples easily or you don’t want to fasten your document with a paper clip. Also, the B8FC is a great-looking product that will be at home in any office, and it comes with an extraordinary 10-year warranty.

If you’ve ever wanted the convenience of a desktop stapler combined with the functionality of a heavy-duty device, the Dahle Novus B8FC is just what you’re been looking for. This is a first-rate product that can handle a wide variety of thicknesses and it will make stapling one of the easiest parts of your workday. Get the B8FC for your office now and you can enjoy putting less effort into your document fastening!

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