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Steel Price Index Rising Slightly

Jan. 5 domestic steel spot market continues to small rise. As the forward price high open, market confidence by boost, clinch a deal will be warmed. In addition, recently and have many steel producer price in succession improve new, more increased cost rises expected, the businessman pull up desire strong demand end or worry post-production cost continues to rise and purchase intention improved. Many factors together impel the current steel market prices continued to rise. Jan. 5 Myspic composite index 169.1 point, is a trading day up 0.3 per cent.

Jan. 5 flat materials 147.6 point, is the index of a trading day up 0.3 per cent. One medium thickness index and galvanized index rose to a larger extent, or achieved respectively 0.6% and 0.5%. Medium thickness plate in the market, the Shanghai market and chongqing market rises relatively large.

Jan. 5 of plate in the Shanghai market price generally to rise. Last trading day of local market clinch a deal the circumstance is more good, market price also steady increase. In addition, with more than a day on the local steel mill raised ex-factory price, prompted merchants raised offer, also in a certain extent stimulates the release of marketing purchasing intention. Chongqing medium thickness plate market during New Year’s day arrival quantity is less, still resources by the post-festival market demand and market resource release tension boost, local traders mainstream quotation rising slightly. At present the prevailing market price of plate in the upward trend of traders formed certain boost, mentality compatible, think price is descending, short-term boost by demand, short-term inside chongqing area of plate price rises are still some space. Jan. 5 Shanghai market and chongqing 20mm thick in the market is a trading day respectively rose 40 yuan/ton and 50 yuan/ton.

Galvanized market, chongqing market rises relatively large. The chongqing market prices are mainly affected by several factors influence. One is the overall inventories in low. 2 it is part of the project years ago, demand presents crush short-term prosperity, Three is shagang early January hot coil raised 250 yuan/ton, this is a direct fuse. Four is a businessman mentality is better, because about purim should also have to rise slightly Shanghai galvanized, clinch a deal with is also quite good, rose meaning. Jan. 5 chongqing market galvanized 1.0 last trading day rise more mm is 100 yuan/ton.

Jan. 5 long material 191.1 point, is the index of a trading day up 0.3 per cent. 5 domestic steel futures prices low open low walk, including screw Lord 1105 accept 4793, fall 0.62%. 5 domestic long material spot market continues to rise, with Shanghai market and chongqing market rises relatively large. Shanghai market is a trading day forward price pulling, cooperate with high open of the New Year auspicious, 5 market quotation continue to rise. But by the traditional slack influence, market clinch a deal the overall weak, fortunately market resources still tight, the businessman shipment will not strong, the price also relatively strong. Chongqing long material market confidence by the forward price boost, another market whole clinch a deal with prophase improved obviously, the businessman mentality is good, cooperate with steel pull up local market price also rising slightly. Chongqing long material market at present resources remains nervous, local stock is not large also, gave the market price larger support. Jan. 5 Shanghai market and chongqing market HRB335 20mm is a thread day rise 20 yuan/ton respectively and 30 yuan/ton.

Areas, southwest index with 0.5% rise brought up. Chongqing mainly due to the market in varieties markets rose to a larger extent, drive the area index is opposite bigger rise.

* Myspic index the full name “my steel price index”, and “is my steel nets” according to the daily market price of the national steel making spot price composite index, reflect the domestic steel market main varieties, regional comprehensive price movements.

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